This full moon

i have been ’ wierd ’ this full moon, i don’t look forward to them, it is like my head goes ’ fuzzy '…a dizziness kinda feeling.
i see my werewolf self come out of me at this time. :wolf:
police people always say the strange buggers come out on a full :full_moon: moon…i think they are right.
i think it is a good thing i live in the middle of the country side.
i hope everyone else stayed ’ sane '…
take care :alien:

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The tides are more dramatic… the night life is out… and I can relate to things going a bit fuzzy. I do hear the waves a little louder…

My sis LOVES full moons… she’s a romantic.

Ahhh… the full moon…

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I notice that I get insomnia on a full moon I saw it last night beautiful :smile: