Is the greatest cognitive problem we have, generally speaking, a lack of practical intelligence?

There’s intelligence as measured by an IQ test , and practical intelligence that’s needed for everyday tasks . Most of us need the latter more. Most of us have similar levels of both . There are those of us who don’t though.

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Pragmatism Not Idealism

Idealism that is stopped from being ‘totally out there’ by a healthy degree of pragmatism.

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Like ‘The Big Lebowski’?. (Good Movie).

Couldn’t say. I’ve never seen that movie.

It’s an Idealistic Movie of Hopefulness in The Center of The Storm of Confusion

I don’t think I have practical intelligence—don’t know what to do about it…wish I did.

I have high raw intelligence but very low practical intelligence.

Same here. When getting very little practical help , at my last place, I was self neglecting and increasingly struggling…

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yes…I have self neglected a lot.

Self neglect and lack of practical intelligence are negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I have them.

lack of practical intelligence is considered a negative symptom of schizophrenia?..I never knew that…that is new to me.

Well asociality is a negative symptom of sz.

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