Is talking about delusions/hallucinations forbidden here?

Every time I ask for help here my posts get closed. I remember last year these types of discussions were allowed. Did something change?

My best therapy is talking to people about my troubles here. It really helps. But nowadays these threads are closed.

Why is that? I’m not trying to fight, I really want to know.


I know you can only talk about them in terms of recovery. What that means to the mods I have no idea. I would actually like some clarification as well. Any mods awake to answer?


It upsets me too…

@Ninjastar @voithos @Jonathan2 @Moonbeam
I think that’s all of them? I might have messed up at some point on who’s mod

im not sure…i talk about them and they dont get closed but it might be bacause mine might not be common and upset other peoples delusions.

Your question was answered so I closed the thread. We try to avoid leaving topics open that are too attractive to unstable members as they tend to swoop in to validate delusional thinking.


@voithos you closed one earlier I didn’t feel was fully helped and I had pmed you and you never responded… Not trying to argue truly curious

Edit: thank you for responding to my pm

This is because I have a life outside of this community. It could take me anywhere from half an hour to half a day to respond.



It took me a while to realise why my shrink would never respond to my stuff whilst delusional.

Why don’t you react to my thinking and things like why everyone is against me? It’s pretty standard for the community and it’s because you don’t validate delusions and you try not to inflate them.

It’s not anything against you but it works because we sometimes live in illusionary worlds and it’s not healthy. It just doesn’t work and it’s why this place has survived so long because it doesn’t degenerate into a delusionary free for all.

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