Is schizophrenia terminal illness?

Should we prepare for death ?
Anyone something else ?

You have to pay particular attention to cardiac (heart) issues. Start by giving up cigarettes.

A terminal illness is a disease that cannot be treated, and is reasonably expected to result in death.

Schizophrenia is not a terminal illness.


Life is terminal. It all ends one day. Just try and make the most of the ride whilst you can.

Diabetes, cardiac issues, high smoking rate, addiction issues can be related to SZ.

We have to be careful.


Life is a terminal illness.
I wouldn’t worry too much.

whoops didnae mean to copy exactly what you said.
should probably read the thread first lol

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Why are cardiac and diabetes issues connected with sz?

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Meds and weight gain can lead to diabetes and 80% of sz people smoke, so that mucks people up even more than normal

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I don’t think I have too many years left.

May be side effects from drugs
Or person himself either smooking or drinking or his life out of control

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