Is schizophrenia natural?

Just wondering if me having schizophrenia was just a matter of time or if it was an effect from drug use…

One cannot develop schizophrenia solely from drug use. You have to have the gene already predisposed in you. Drug use triggers the schizophrenia gene. Drugs don’t cause it, they trigger it.


Apparently another factor that significantly increase the chances of SZ genes activating is stress.


I don’t know very many people who have made it to even age 20 without ever experiencing intense stress.

So I am guessing drugs don’t cause schizophrenia anymore than college exams or car accidents cause schizophrenia.

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I think drugs can have a major impact on developing it if someone is predisposed for it. If it runs in families, who may not be normally affected can receive it after drug use due to the mix up many drugs cause in the brain chemicals.

It could be either one.
I developed it with out any use of drugs. It apparently runs in my family, and parts of my brain is undeveloped from premature birth issues. I think it is just a neurological defect that can occur from a number of reasons.

Sure, it’s natural, just like uranium and ricin. Whether it’s good for you is another question entirely.



I find it interesting it’s only in humans. Perhaps the stress of 9to5 constructions are the nurtured cause.

Well there are many things that are very special about humans. But this also means we have extra vulnerabilities. I for one am glad to take a fall for my species, if it means that my species has such capacity in the first place.

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It could also be humans incentive for greater intellect in evolution… therefore some fall off the path with misunderstanding our" realities"

Were actualy dimensional travelers but due to the laws that govern this dimension we cant jump and our memories are fragmented and overlap our current reality thus we are a broken people.

I just read a page in a psychology book my room mate is using to study with.

it can be caused by environmental, natural or just plain out right by substance abuse.

some studies suggest it is a hold over of our ancesotrs need to always be alert, an left over evolutionary trait so to speak