Is schizophrenia genetic?

I haven’t read much that says it’s definitely genetic or passed down. My symptoms were nothing like my moms. I didn’t pace around talking to voices or completely lose insight. But her symptoms appeared later in life and mine earlier. Maybe if I can prove it’s genetic I can get disability or something because the insurance I have isn’t working I just got a bill for fourteen thousand dollars and have no income or savings.
I feel like this system is abusing me right now and I’m helpless. I want out.

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So you insurance should have a maximum out of pocket cost. Call your insurance and find out what it is. You shouldn’t have to pay more than that. I’m not sure if you have sz because you said you don’t lose insight. Ask a pdoc what your symptoms mean.


I believe so I was looking into it because I have a sister who is schizophrenic. I was diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type. I always feared getting the disease growing up because it was scary and I thought I would have no life


Causes of Schizophrenia

The exact cause of schizophrenia is not known, but scientists believe a combination of genetics and environmental factors—such as exposure to viruses while in the womb, or complications during birth, such as a baby deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen—may play a role. Imbalances in certain chemical messengers in the brain, called neurotransmitters, may also contribute to schizophrenia. Neurotransmitters transmit messages between nerve cells and the body’s muscles and organs. They play a role in mood, attentiveness, anger, learning, and memory.


SZ is mainly genetic.

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@TheBest it’s funny my birth was complicated it took too long, never thought of that being the cause…I used to think and still do that’s mainly cuz of the erotomania girl, I kinda accept that was fate to me :sob:

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The causation of schizophrenia has different components, some are genetic, other are environmental. There is therefore a mixture of nature and nurture. If you have a close relative who suffers from schizophrenia, your chances to develop it is higher than in the general population. On the other hand, even if you have an identical twin who suffers from schizophrenia, therefore exactly the same set of genes and a very similar environment in which you grew up of someone who suffers from schizophrenia, you still have 50-60% chances to not develop the condition. Therefore there is more than genes involved.

Like a lot of diseases, for schizophrenia, genes and genetics are only part of the story. Other causes for diseases include environment, bacteria, behaviour, nutrition, besides genes. And some diseases just happen. There is no obvious cause. No one knows why that person developed that disease. Maybe there is a cause, we just haven’t discovered it yet. Maybe it is just a random event, that triggers something else unexpected. If you take 1000 people, maybe 10-15 will develop it at some time or other, so it is just a fact of life. But there is no way to predict who will get it. And no way for someone who got it, to say what caused it.

Some diseases really are caused by one gene, and we know which gene it is. Huntington’s Chorea, for instance, is down to one faulty gene. Other diseases, there is a tendency to get it if you have the gene - but it is not certain you will get it. Others, even with the same gene – some people get mild cases, others serious cases. Others, it is not just one gene that causes it - it seems to be a number of them, acting together in a vague way.

Another problem with schizophrenia and genetics. If you think a disease has a genetic cause - and you want to find the gene – you need a clear way to class people for certain, as either they have the disease, or they don’t. Some diseases it is easy to say, yes, definitely they have it – or no definitely they don’t … and different experts can agree. Especially useful if the criterion is objective, i.e. based on a physical measurement, not opinion. But for mental illnesses - it is not that straightforward. That person who is acting a bit strange – is it schizophrenia? Or is he just a normal guy who is eccentric? Also, what criteria do we use to define schizophrenia? If you can’t classify people clearly - it’s hard to pin down the gene.

So … having given you some ideas of how complex things can get – to answer your question. I looked at the OMIM database, which is full of technical information on human genetic disease. Schizophrenia, genes have some influence - we know this because it tends to “run in families” a bit, and if your brother say has it, your risk is higher. A lot of different genes have been implicated. So it could be like heart disease - lots of different genes, each contributing a bit. Or also, many possible causes. Also there are some ideas that some cases the gene damage just happens, they are new mutations. So the answer is, scientifically, it looks complicated and unclear.

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It’s not 100% genetic but having a relative with it increases the chances. In reality they don’t really know what causes it.


I think it is mainly genetic. You really can’t escape your genetics.

I wonder how much influence genetics has.
It’s like your born… Unaware of people having it in ur family line
Go take drugs for one night
Get chronic stress for few months
Psychosis. Out of what I thought was nowhere until I also discovered there may be some family history
Genetics is a mysterious thing


We can say that in our own experiences that the information and signals in our sz minds are “fallacious,” right? That implies that our brain organs process information, and these are doing so very poorly as in creating false information.

Why does that require genealogy to do. Humans have been processing information fallaciously for 10’s of 1,000’s of years. In fact it’s unusual of people not to do so.

We can create computer cybernetics which relatively are the same as brain cybernetics. They are both information processors, and they both can process information fallaciously.


Just because if the information at the input is wrong, then how can the information going out the output be right?

What is wrong and right info? This is the key to not only understanding sz, but understanding other mi’s, and understanding the world in general both past and present, but…

…if you don’t understand what is wrong and right info, then you don’t understand these things. As a matter of fact you can’t understand what you are within, thus you won’t understand what is happening inside of you…or anyone else.

It’s my understanding also that if someone doesn’t care about this, then this was not for them. In my point of view this is something like forgoing one’s whole life which is something I can’t understand, but I witness all of the time.

Yes it is genetic.

I am the first schizophrenic in the family but maybe an ancestor had it. Who knows?


ohhh my goodness, that’s a lot of money!

I think the homepage had an article at one time about mother being RH negative.

that’s my mother, and I have paranoid sz.

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