Is realizing your'e straight like Lord of the Rings


I have a certain image or thought of each sexuality. I believe that my poetry has influenced my image and thought of certain sexualities.

I spent like an hour thinking about and rewording what I just posted. this topic is very very sensitive. :cold_sweat:

I like how the OP didn’t even share his realization experience…

shows how sensitive the topic is, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who took that picture of @velociraptor in his underwear… Or Canadian track suit as its better know…this is like a time bomb joke…and a refrencere to the non sensical attacks I would make upon his person…and now

We wait…


how was your realization of your heterosexuality?

wait I just made an assumption. first mistake. first strike. I only have 3 strikes and I’m out.


But who’s on second?

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That photo is how I probably look to the “one that got away”.

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according to the video, who’s not on second. who’s on first! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, I didn’t even think about the picture in relation to the thread topic. I honestly thought it was random. but now that I think about it, that picture kind of says a thousand words. :frowning:

but yeah, I’m quite sure everyone looks at us, dudes, like that. that’s one of the reasons why I’m withdrawn sometimes. I just tell myself that we aren’t really particularly meant to be seen for looks / appearance, but rather for other inner features.


Dude, LOTR is BAD ASS !!!

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Some people just got the drive for the image of a gender. Women are beautified and objectified and there minds and emotions are belittled… it doesn’t take long through the misunderstandings and abuse no wonder they develop a lot crap that just seems crazy and it’s tough to make them deal with.

For me though, I’ve only wanted to do those things out of love. Like I know sexual pleasure does more than just become some superficial boost in ones social ego because it was there night to get laid. So they just go out and try to game and bang. Boys and girls alike.

If done out of love… it’s one of the most fulfilling things a person can experience, especially if there is no possessive crap blocking up the clarity and perception of the moment in either party.

I also just don’t like the memories of inadequate sex with partners I really wasn’t into.

What I’m trying to get around to is that that kind of intercourse is incredibly rare. For basically everyone. Which left me very alone for many years and always after the girls who seemed way out of my league.

The ongoing resurgence of sexual need in the face of failing to ever get with the women I wanted. I opened my mind to many things. Namely just contemplations of a homosexual lifestyle and wondering if I did that if I could ever have the sort of character that would still be able to snag what I’ve always wanted which is a life with a woman.

Have a bunch of easy gay sex to work the kinks out and build stamina. Find the right girl who is coming onto me pretty hard regardless of identity, because that’s prolly going to be a really cool chick. Then just take all the skills and ■■■■ learned and apply them to her. lol that was the dream.

but yeah… I did eventually start talking to and seeing a girl who really did it for me up and down. IT’s not really going anywhere, but that basically settled the score. I know who she is and we’re friends. I’ve got a lot to live up to inside myself before I could ever feel totally comfortable with the amount of intimidation this girl bares just by being so experienced in life.

“That’s never going to happen with me.” She said…

Still one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I’ve came around to learning so much just by being aware that she’s out there.

And yeah… there are always more girls out there. If she never takes to really wanting anything from me… she’ll be topped by another someday.

But yep… straight straight straight… apparently I’m straight straight straight. Stil la lot of quantum weirdness down there, but I actually think that is pretty common. People just don’t talk about it because they don’t want to seem gay. Hah.

Anyways I love that homosexuality exists… it is one of the most interesting facets of human existence. The dynamics and social dynamics… the fact that the broad range of characters that homosexuals manifest as. They break the standards… and I like the diversity… I like the complexity… hell if you know me I’m chocked full of appreciation for that.

I never felt truly gay… but there were times where even when sexually charged I just wanted to forget that women even existed.

“As the general sense of rejection from women grew, the lust died.” - ME

hah that chick I mentioned prior in this really appreciated that statement.

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