An interesting entertainment idea

Thought this might be a good hobby for you @mortimermouse.


Holy ■■■■ that made my day so far, I just sat down with my coffee! That really was hilarious I’m loling right now


I wish I knew some out and proud gay men. Like manly ones. Manly enough to make all my straight friends feel like bitches. Because they are.

I’m having a shite day.

Gay people rule! GAY AVENGER lol

But yeah hetero dudes. God damn I hate them.

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Don’t know that it matters that much? Gay people are just people like everyone else. Wish people saw the person first and the sexual orientation second. I’ve got a fair number of gay friends, but I don’t really think of them as gay. Not a big deal to me.


I don’t know dude. It’s a complicated social circle here.

The way these guys talk ■■■■. Just wish someone was there to represent and shut them up.

Accusational ■■■■■. Bad night man i’m just venting

S’alright! Vent away. Hope tomorrow is better for you.



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Thanks dude.

Like I can’t do anything right. If I’m feeling good or whatever someone will say “He thinks he’s the ■■■■” just for being ■■■■■■■ happy with myself for once.

They are so ■■■■■■■ competitive and they don’t want me to have a valid identity at all. It’s stupid I’m older, smarter, even with sz.

I ■■■■■■■ hate it man. I’m done hanging out with those folks.

I mean I try to keep a level head and see everyone as even, for the most part.

I’d just been wasting my time.

People are probably tired of hearing me beat this drum, but…

Volunteer work.

Can’t recommend it enough. If you want to meet real people who care about other people and spend their day actually trying to make a difference, this is where you want to be. Also, women usually outnumber men 3:1, which I am pretty sure is a selling point for you! :smile:



Yeah. jumanji just mentioned AA.

Volunteer work would be great. I sent out an email to a placed never heard back.

NPO which helps disabled people live independently.

Anyways good suggestion.

It has helped me and a lot of other people so I’m a fan of it. You don’t have to be super religious, either. To me 'God" equals Good Orderly Direction. It has worked for me for 23 years and counting. There are other ways to quit drinking too and it doesn’t hurt to talk to your doctor about it. :smile:

Best of luck with whatever path you choose.


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Look here, I was hanging out with some really ■■■■■■ up people, made fun of me when I got sick even. Didn’t help me the amount of drugs we did together, or the amount of alcohol we drank, the social interactions we’re always trolling with each other with this fake “i love you” vibe.
The best decision of my life: I quit. I quit hanging out with them, I quit the drugs and the booze, and I also volunteered in a school of mentaly challenged kids (autism and other stuff). They still call me to hang out sometimes but I just say no, doesn’t help if I want to stay sane.
You seem really upset today that’s why I’m saying this. At first I felt lonely, but then I met new people with more similar tastes, culturaly speaking, and with a much better vibe. I no longer feel the need to go out every night, I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt actually. Hope this helps.

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Dude , hope I didn’t upset you earlier , my point was just on comprehension and how hard I find it to understand a lot of posters lately. That’s all really , you do you.

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That’s where I’m at or was. About a month ago I took two weeks off from spending time with anyone really. Yesterday was just stupid. It was Friday, and what not.

You’re totally right though. I regret saying all the stuff in my last few posts here, but I had to get it out of my head.

I need a few days to lose sight of that kind environment/situation/social bs even happens. I’m a lot happier when I do.

@meteor You didn’t do a thing.

I just feel a bit wound up and directionless right now. @shutterbug I know VOLUNTEER WORK

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