Is paranoia a red flag

I’m a bit stressed with relationships in my life. My paranoia has increased, does this mean I’m headed for a breakdown?

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Not necessarily but I would nip it in the bud.
It’s a good time to get in touch with your doctor before it snowballs.


Could be your just going through a normal eb and flow of the illness. I would tell your psy doc about it though.

The problem is I don’t want him to increase my medication. I can handle the paranoia now but if it gets worse I will have to tell doctor

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We’ll any subtle signs of it getting worse, contact your doctor immediately before you lose insight.

Yeah it’s a red flag more often than not. What meds are you on (name, dosage) ?

I’m on abilify monthly injection 300mg. Its the lowest dose for schizophrenia

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Yea I take 10mg abilify daily, so basically same dose as you. Anything less and I get paranoid, but even at this dose, when facing very stressful situations, some positive sympyoms do occur. I learned to calm down by doing breathing exercises and positive affirmations. My latest romantic involvement ended up badly and led to a surge in paranoia. I totally get you.

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