I need some advice

I was diagnosed sz 4 years ago. I’m on abilify 10mg. My negative symptoms have gotten alot better, my positives are gone except I have low grade paranoid thoughts. Is it common to have abit of paranoia even on meds. Should I up my meds even though I’ve been getting by just fine ?


I’m on meds, and I’m still paranoid. But most people get relief when they take their meds.

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I’m on 10mg abilify. I don’t have any paranoia. I would tell your pdoc and see what they recommend.


Yes it is. Paranoia is a tough cookie to crack.

A bigger dose could increase side effects. When I went from 10mg abilify to 15mg abilify I had increased anxiety for instance.

But the best thing to do is get advice from your psychiatrist.


That’s normal, and worth talking to your psychiatrist about. Maybe a med adjustment would help.

You could also try some DBT therapy to help how you process and handle breakthrough symptoms.

Good luck!

Idk if this will help but I was on 5mg of Abilify but would still feel paranoid around strangers like if they wanted to fight me for some reason and I had some pretty bad anxiety too though. Talked to my doc and they upped it to 10mg and now that paranoid feeling has gone away. I still feel some positive symptoms every two weeks or so but it’s a little bit better for me since they upped it. But yeah definitely talk to your doctor about it.

I still have some positives and some paranoia, but I use therapy to deal with them. They don’t bother me or impair me for the most part. I need to function on a low dose of APs because my job has a high cognitive load.

If you’re functioning well and feeling okay, maybe leave it be. The more meds you take, the more you pay elsewhere. My goal is always to bump along on the bare minimum as I dislike the side-effects.

I am on 20mg Abilify and 200mg clozapine and I still have a lot of positive symptoms. I’d say it’s pretty common to have breakthrough symptoms

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