Is Maniac on Netflix an accurate representation of schizophrenia?

Just wondering.

This is a good show btw

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Didn’t know there was a show about a sz on Netflix, glad I found out. All I knew about was that old and depressing “strange voices” movie from the eighties on there.

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Is it a comedy?

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It’s sooo frickin good and yes I would say fairly accurate… more so than other things I’ve seen…


I think in the 10 epsiodes, the word ‘schizophrenia’ is mentioned 5 times. It’s really more a story of taking a pill to fix your past traumas. I binged watched it over three days, I liked it.

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I watched it i found it average…

The facilities they were doing the tests in were like from 1722 BC.

made no sense that lab was pitiful

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