History of schizophrenia terminology

I found it interesting in my American history class that in 1903 “insane persons” were barred from entering the country. People were blunt back then.

Insane people are still barred from entering America. Nothing has changed.

Really? Do you mean someone going through a psychotic break or someone who has a psychotic condition but is stable?

I’m from England. Anybody who needs a Visa to USA, they ask if you’ve got a mental health condition.


Hi heard the use of Schizo just yesterday on HBO on a popular show as a slur. So disappointed. How nonchalant they just throw it around when they put down people and just write them off as Schizo and the public is okay with this. They think its part of their vocabulary.


Is it a recently filmed show?

@agent101g yes. Raised by wolves season 2 episode 3 - a science fiction - I think writers don’t care. They like it to be edgy or something.


Oh I love that show, but haven’t gotten around to season 2.

I mean if it’s fiction then people are gonna make mistakes in that world just like they do in ours. I agree it sucks to have it used though.

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I was never asked when I visited my father in Atlanta

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