Is life satisfying/enjoyable or is it making it through the suffering daily

Do you guys have enjoyment in life? I do not mean a few enjoyable moments throughout the day, and the rest suffering. Is life more of a burden waking up, then a joy? Is your guys life just suffering through the day to wake up tomorrow and do it again, or enjoyable each day? Just wondering, trying to get insight from other people with sz.

@chrisjjack,it’s a nice and difficult question you ask there,for my current state I would not enjoy or feel doesn’t want to wake up to get on with life,but currently I live with fear,fear that the next day I wake up I would not get even little enjoyment with life

Other part of the question is that,I think I understand that living life and suffering is part of life,without suffer you would not make great things,to put it simple,the more you suffer the greater you will achieve that’s what I believe(Muhammad Ali,Obama or Kobe Bryant must have suffered a lot to achieve their own greatness),like us schizophrenic we suffer a lot,so I think most of us would achieve great in some part of life,I am still trying to understand this because I am still not very clever.


I’m trying to enjoy life but it does not work. I go to a job I can’t stand, then I eat and go to bed. I have no motivation to do anything else. I have to put up with bad anxiety while I’m at work or even if I go food shopping. I’m on a high dose of Latuda and wondering if that is making my life miserable

Well I prefer living in my dreams a lot more enjoyable then waking up and getting off the bed. I seem to be always worrying about future events occurring throughout my life. Though life is a bit dull for me and I feel unmotivated, I still try to stay positive. When having a negative mindset it will make things a lot worse for yourself.

Idk if I can answer this properly since I was diagnosed SZA not SZ and they told me last year they were going to change it and drop the SZA.
Probably one of the reasons is though I can have a few down times during the day, things go pretty well. I feel good when I get things accomplished and there is always something to do around the house, and I spend time writing and reading online on and off through the day.
Only thing that sux is being alone all the time. Except I just got to talk to a guy for a few minutes who got lost and came down my road… First 3D person I’ve talked to in a whole week.

@Heisenberg haha you got to be kidding me? For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking dreams are the best thing about my life. It’s a escape that doesn’t last long but it’s greater than any of the suffering here

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last few days suicidal.
tomorrow hopefully only suffering.
the next day ecstatically happy…and the roundabout continues…
take care


It’s mostly suffering for me. I hate waking up. I sleep about 12 hours a night, and I still wish I could sleep more. I’m usually at my sanest when I first wake up, though, and things deteriorate from there.


I cannot speak for every schizophrenic/SZA person - but I personally strive for stability. If I am having a stable day, then I am content and this means I am having a good day. I try to avoid stressful situations - for me it is easy to get stressed out.
I try to make my day as peaceful as possible, I cannot keep up with non SZ people who seem to thrive on being busy

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That was the reason for my Divorce. I couldn’t keep up with an extreme lifestyle that allowed no time to breathe. It literally shut me down to the point I didn’t care if I ever caught up. Had to cut that noose and call it quits.
I don’t mind waking up and now I actually enjoy most things in my life.


It seems like mostly a struggle for me even to get up. Then I look forward to sleeping again. Mostly I don’t feel like my true self. Unmotivated, uninspired, thoughtless is how I feel. I’m not sure why this is. It’s like I’ve felt like this most of my life.

I slept twenty four hours last night, when i was forced to open my eyes i tried to go back to sleep, but alas i could not.

I would put myself in a coma at this point.

Holy ■■■■ how i hate this place and this body.

Death is looking fantastic!


Life is humdrum and so I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, I just get through it. I have my few moments of enjoyment and more of suffering, but mostly humdrum.

mostly suffering. i get enjoyment out of a few things, but rarely… i have no motivation to eat these past few days, just eating snacks and foods i don’t need to prepare…
i wake up dreading that i have to live another day. i wish i could just fade away into eternety in my sleep. i’d put myself in a hospital, but my parents are coming back tomorrow from vacation and i need to pick them up from the airport… the past few days i have been strongly considering suicide.
sometimes i look at the bright side, but that usually fades and i just become depressed again.

somedays i feel more bipolar than schizophrenic as my mood fluctuates constantly during the day. after about 3-4 pm i start to feel better, but mornings are the worst.

total suffering, and i think i will go to a hospital in the next few days if i keep feeling like this. somedays i wish i would just die.

smoking weed would give me some enjoyment but even that just makes me feel content now… and i chose to quit. it’s been 5 days since i last smoked and i feel worse in some ways.

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Before i got on meds, it was hell, there was only pain. Once I got on meds, life became shockingly normal and I had an identity crisis about what to do and who I was because I was no longer a stereotypical paranoid schizophrenic, my symptoms were diminished to negligible.

But no meds = grit my teeth and hurt myself, scream at night

Meds = never think about suicide, live normally, pop pills all day to stay that way

sure it sucks having to take meds and never skip a dose and take them with food at the right times and crap, but it made me enjoy life again. I dont suffer anymore. I have mood swings, im on tranquilizers and when they are at their peak in my blood I am lazy as ■■■■ and when they are at their lowest im freaking powerlifting or staying up late with friends.

I have been in both lifestyles, and I much prefer my current one. Unmedicated schizophrenia is the closest thing to hell a human can experience. Dont just sit in hell waiting for it to pass, hell is hell, not a season that will pass.

I see myself in you lately. Youre not happy, you arent on meds, you have been dabbling in drugs and alcohol, dude you wont find anything but more pain until you try meds. Ask for the med I am on, Geodon. Its known to be less sedating for most people (take it with plenty of food or it will knock you out) and not cause weight gain (I have to try hard to gain weight) and 60mg twice a day works.

Side effects suck. But there are more meds for side effects, cogentin or propanolol for akathisia, ect. Coffee for sedation, its a pain in the ass but dude…

its worth it. Im sitting here without delusions or voices and I never thought I would be able to say that.