Doing things before death!

im not overly ambitious or hell bent on success. but i find i am more satisfied with life when i am doing things and have pursuits. like when i was young, it was my goal to get a basketball scholarship, so i practiced everyday and was content. then after i dropped out of college, i got a job and tried to save some money for expenses. and then i began to travel and hike when i got diagnosed, filling my day with activities. now i do very little, and feel very dissatisfied. i feel like it’s the opposite of mindfullness and being content in the present moment. being active just distracts me from my emptiness, and will give me stories to tell when im older and am no longer mobile or physically fit. so i feel this need to fill my day with more activities, but maybe i just need therapy. does anybody else have similiar experience? with needing to do things, just to stay satisfied with life?


It’s quite depressing but I haven’t done anything meaningful in years. Up until very recently it didn’t bother me.

But it’s getting to me a little bit now.


I think you’re happier than most with Sz.

For me I should’ve chimed in when a poster said they pace a lot but can’t get exercise. It’s just where I’m at in many ways.

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I think it’s Universal, everyone feels better when they’re working on something. I’ve lost my motivation recently, not going for walks and not working in the studio. It’s got to stop, I’m starting to get dragged down


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