Is Jesus coming back?

I’ve been having this deep belief that Jesus will come back on Easter Sunday but Satan will come back the Saturday before. I swear god tells me its happening I know so many details and I don’t want to disappoint him but I’m starting to slip in and out of this belief and I just want to know if he’s contacted anyone else? To other people this seems to make them think it’s an “unusual belief” which is why I put it here.

Are you taking any anti psychotic meds?

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@everhopeful no?

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Ok, the problem with schizophrenia and talking to god is when god answers back.

I’m an atheist and when I was really sick even I had religious “unusual beliefs”.

It can end up being quite dangerous.

Have you been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia or anything?

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I don’t have a diagnosis, I came on here to relate to people who have similar experiences but I don’t think this is part of that. I can normally tell when a voice isn’t real

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Geez, if you’re hearing voices, you really should seek out a psychiatrist and get their opinion.

You don’t want to be one of these people on the news who harms someone because a voice in their head told them to.


Sorry, but being affected by psychosis usually means one cannot tell what’s real and what’s not.

You should see a dr. I can assure you, god doesn’t communicate through voices. otherwise it’d be proof he exists and there’s no question about people having religion or not having religion beliefs - what I’m saying. is, it is very very very likely you’re psychotic and need a dr’s assistance.


Unusual belief:

First comes the false prophet and antichrist, and some big endtimes-stuff. There’s a “Madhi” who does a good job cleaning up the damage, but then he hands it off to the actual second coming. I feel that’s not going to be a human, but some divine being who only appears human, and just appears here premade from a higher plane, with very high technology and perfect merging with the Holy Spirit.

He’ll vibe so high everyone of religious bent will just be in awe. This isn’t low level Truman show stuff, it’s going to be palpable.

I need a break from these people. Go away and leave me alone.

Go write another song about how I’m insane. ■■■■ YOU. YOU DONT KNOW ■■■■

@roxanna, none of this has to do with you or your family. Please understand.

I know it’s hard as an SZ to think this way but honestly you’re in your private little bubble.

My half brother is watching this site. He’s watching me.

It’s a bubble alright. Good night.

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Good luck. I can’t convince you with words, I know how bad SZ is. Just a whole nother kind of existence.

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I don’t know why this post hasn’t been shut down due to being about religion and obviously upsetting. @moderators

Sorry for hijacking your thread i just got set off. I’m sorry.

no @roxanna please don’t think this is about anything to do with your life or your brother…just coincidence…relax !! you’re reading into it.


Good luck on not being on meds.


Unusual Belief:

Jesus is a person in the higher plane who can guide and protect you, but He probably uses delegates. Just saying.

You won’t know what He sounds like, so don’t automatically think every kind male hallucinatory voice is Him. Foundational morality should be scriptural in your interactions with them.

The voices are of a nature reflective of your mental state. Deep stress manifests deeply stressed voices. Comfortable happiness manifests happier voices, and the very next level realizations that can change your life for the better.

You can’t will the comfortable happiness though, it’s a physiological mechanism. Praying it better is lottery odds that you’ll be lead to the right treatment given the current understanding of schizophrenia.


Thanx But No Thanx @naturallycured. . .

I’m Not Interested. . . . . . .

P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.

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