Is it wrong to take antipsychotics?


they r not effective and has side effects
i feel i was wrong to take antipsychotics


Well, they’re effective for me. My life would be utter misery without them (and I’d probably be restrained in a hospital somewhere).
I don’t think it’s wrong.


Only way to know is to go off with the help of your doctor. I’ve done it twice now I have no doubts that I need them and I won’t even chance what could happen to my life by stopping again. I’m a lifer.


Yeah twice now I have thought I didn’t need APs and twice I have screwed up. Am a lifer too.


Talk to your doctor you might need an adjustment or something.


I dont think it’s wrong. It took me a long time to find ones that helped me. Maybe its the same for you. And Invega worked pretty good but not until like six months of being on it


If your meds aren’t working, it’s time to try a different med. I think it’s wrong to take specific medicines that are not therapeutically helpful, but if you truly have sz, you need an AP. It can take a lot of trial and error to find one that works well for you, though. But it’s totally worth it once you do.


Some people with sz are fully treatment resistant. APs can’t pull them out of psychosis.


Hm. When I was treatment resistant, before trying the older meds, my doctor told me if the atypicals weren’t helping at all then my diagnosis is probably wrong. I always knew he was a lying asshole).

But then that doesn’t give me much hope that these voices will ever go away. :confused:


I’m treatment resistant and only Clozaril helped :confused:


Have you tried clozapine? I’m sure you have. Just checking.


I actually haven’t. I’ve sworn off all atypicals. They make me gain weight stupid fast and don’t really work well, if at all.


Clozapine has been shown to be the most effective AP for people with sz who are treatment resistant. If you ever try another AP, it should be that one. It’s an atypical, but it’s different from other atypicals. I’m not sure how good it is on the weight front, though.


If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Clozapine can cause weight gain. But yeah, it’s supposed to be very effective, it’s different than anything else.

Maybe in a year and a half or two, a better drug for TRS will be out. LuAF35700. It’s in phase 3 as of 2016 and it’s fast tracked.


I gained weight but it was very worth it; wouldn’t change a thing. My life is so much better now. I actually HAVE a life and I’m graduating college next semester; this would be unthinkable before Clozaril


They have seemed to be working for a large number of people since they discovered in the 1950’s that Thorazine helps with psychosis in severely ill people allowing them to live life outside a mental institution.


You come to a website like this and you learn it ass about!

Take the meds. Get symptoms under control and then move to side effects.

Unless your getting really bad ones like NMS and stuff like raised prolactin just hang in there. Report what your experiencing to your doc and move from there.

Medications work for a large majority of our population. Very few survive without them. You’ve just got to trust your doctor and move from there.

Seriously it’s better function before side effects!


If they aren’t effective though shouldn’t they try something else with doctor approval? Cause if all you’re getting is bad side effects and no results you shouldn’t keep taking the same thing probably it doesn’t make sense. Maybe a different med along with therapy instead?


this guy seems to put it in a simple easy to understand format