Is it wrong to take antipsychotics?


Therapy is great for some people but it’s effectiveness over medications isn’t even in the same league.

CBT and newer forms of therapy can be great adjuncts to medication treatment. Older forms of talk therapy only help certain individuals. Schizophrenia has a huge genetic basis for it’s diagnsosis and treatment. It’s a neurobiological brain disorder and no amount of talking will improve your symptoms over medications. It really is that simple for those afflicted.

Simple facts with our medical technology is medications over anything else.

Yes. Your point is valid to change meds and try something else but my point is that side effects shouldn’t be in the vocabulary of those who are newly psychotic. Getting medications into them is far better than not! It really is that simple.


Side effects are important to anyone newly psychotic or not I was a lab rat I know all about side effects some side effects can be deadly if not attended to that is a simple fact. To be honest it’s kind of gross to me how the health of a person doesn’t seem to matter to you as long as they’re not psychotic. I do not condone anyone going off their meds without doctor approval and supervision. Not every case is the same therapy does help a lot of people I think more than you realize. I’m not saying it’s a cure all and yes meds are effective and probably the most direct route of treatment. But don’t tell me all side effects are minimal in comparison that just truly sickens me.


I’m not saying that they aren’t a deal breaker because they can be.

What I am saying is that medications work over placebo.

If your psychotic it isnt’ even a game. You need meds and quickly.

Why are you even taking them if your not psychotic? and then that is cool and that is a flag if you aren’t?

I’m sorry you dealt with what you did…but if you didn’t need them and your suffering then that is another story and you need to deal with that!


This is literally what you said that has nothing to do with “placebo effect”

And so I guess anybody with sz that has learned to manage their symptoms without is a fake or something?

Tbh I genuinely don’t understand what you’re trying to say here can you please rephrase???

And the thing is maybe I do need meds but I can’t take them I am dealing with it the best way I can. Honestly I’m just trying to tell you side effects can be worse than the condition. That was my main point.


If it is wrong to take anti psychotics show me the right and effective method to deal with psychosis? Of course it is wrong to take them on your own without doctor’s approval.


Point 1 . You’d be dubious if it was placebo. Most folk don’t have that lattitude and hit the mental health system very hard with little understanding.

Point 2. Most folk don’t get a chance at managing their symptoms. See point 1

Point 3. My point is if you think that your crueling a whole generation of schizophrenics who think the same.

Perhaps your side effects were worse because your not schizoprhenic? Did you suffer eps? did you suffer parkinsons like symptoms??

This website caters for a large majority of people who need medications. No offence but if your not promoting that your cruelling a lot of people.

My two cents.


1 still really confused at where placebo has anything to do with anything? Cause my point was side effects can be bad? For all medications?? So I’m still very lost on the placebo thing??

  1. I said I know a lot of people need meds I’m just saying not all meds will work properly with a person? Like someone could be allergic to one drug but not another that treats the same condition was my point?

  2. I’m not super sure what “crueling” is but I’m 99% sure it’s not what I’m doing?? I’m saying work with a doctor to get proper treatment which may include meds, therapy and other things?? And if those things aren’t working communicate with your doctor to find a better solution??

Dude I am officially diagnosed with schizoaffective so you saying that I’m not sz is just insanely rude. Also the drugs I was on were not anti psychotics they were stimulants for adhd and antidepressants because i was horribly misdiagnosed at the time I was only seven. So yeah my symptoms got worse and my side effects were even worse than that though.

And I know a lot of people take meds on here again I’ll repeat myself I believe people should work with their doctors to get the treatment they need which may include meds, therapy and a variety of other methods. And if piece of their treatment isn’t working they should communicate with their doctor to get the treatment that works the best for them. I’m not saying anything against meds idk why you think I’m “creuling” people like??? I’m so confused???


For me without APs my life would be in danger. APs dont harm anyone.


Medication is necessary evil …!!!


I think there are varying degrees of sz symptoms in different people. for the people who benefit, APs are a miracle. It’s about trying to find the best life for yourself. If you have symptoms and haven’t tried aps your just doing yourself a disservice.


Of course sz is a spectrum. And I agree whole heartedly about what your saying about finding the best life for yourself.

I don’t believe I’m doing myself a disservice by not trying APs. I really wish people would stop saying that. I have my reasons for not taking them.


I feel for you. People say it cause it’s true. I wish I had some better advice for your pill phobia


Can you reveal those reasons, if you think that it is beneficial to other people in this website. If they are very personal you need not reveal them.


Honestly, it isn’t wrong when you have a choice. But when you’re forced down onto a bed and injected, that’s like being treated as an animal to control you. But I don’t believe we need medication as much as they say we do. I think attacking the first paychotic episode with heavy meds is great in the short run.

It will get red of the psychosis, you’ll feel great to be out but then you realize a part of you is missing. I think we should be on the LOWEST possible dose.

That way we have control of the switch instead of them forcing it in the off position.


I agree that you want the min effective dose to reduce side effects


Ohhhhh yes they do. Before i reduced my dose on my own, my body morphed into a 40 year old’s. That could lead to diabetes. I’m on zyprexa, though so i know other meds don’t have that risk.


You should also know that the longer you go untreated without meds the more your brain matter changes and the worse your long term prognosis becomes. Kinda scary


I was traumatized as a kid abused by my parents and my therapist. And pills are a huge trigger for me to the point where they can make me suicidal (like really I keep having breakdowns cause at the moment I’m needing to take antibiotics)


No it’s not wrong. They work for me.


How do you feel about reason and logic? Do you have a strong sense to do what’s the most reasonable in a situation?