Is it tougher to be male or female and schizophrenic?

I think it is tougher to be male and schizophrenic. If you’re a woman you just need average looks, hell you could even be fat and still get laid and make friends. It requires no skills, not even social, and being schizo and female appeals to men’s desire to be a white knight to a damsel in distress.

In fact, now that I think about it, aren’t all women slightly schizo already?

No wait, I think I am confusing borderline sociopathy with schizophrenia.

please don’t feed the troll.


I’m being absolutely serious. That is the sad part.

Prove me wrong. Help me.I dont like thinking these things but I do.

Never compare the cover of someone else’s book to the deepest portions of your own. We all have our struggles.


Women come down with SZ later in life. So all could be going well, have children and then SZ tears apart their life. While men learn earlier how to deal with it and can lead successful lives come their mid 20’s, early 30’s. I hope to be a walking example of that. I used to be in your shoes too. But it gets better.

Yeah how lucky are the males to be tortured at the ages of 15-20. It could be worse, they could be tortured after reaching their full potential and living the fullness of life.

No ones lucky if they have SZ, but don’t fool yourself for a minute and think that your “horny period” of life is all there is too it. Maybe males have it slightly worse and it is tragic to have schizophrenia at 18 and even more tragic that many commit suicide before they overcome their illness and live fulfilling lives but life is able to be enjoyed until the day you die. Sometimes peoples best periods of their lives are in their most feeble states. Don’t let nostalgia fool you.

If you stopped feeling bad for yourself and embraced “this is life. this is it. it’s the journey not the destination. it’s not about the mountain you climb or the trails you took to the top. it’s about where you are right now. stop and smell the roses.” maybe you’d enjoy it more. idk im far from a taoist sage but i think im heading in the right direction in getting over the agony mental illness has caused me, so maybe you can learn from me a little. peace.


Hate and anger seem to get me off in a way nothing else does. They are changing me.

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love” -The Buddha

I sound like a hippie right now


Some people are like hate objects to me and they are programming me to be this way. I can’t help it. It feels really good.

They are programming me that my ideal relationship is love and hate and I am destined for a loveless marriage.

Females have always been able to handle more torture than men, it’s a scientifically proven fact. (but why in the hell would you want to research it?)

I’d say if I were a schizophrenic female I’d have a lot more issues with trust and meeting people.

As a guy, I feel like (which is also scientifically true through statistics) women generally learn things a lot faster if they wish to than guys. Maybe guys would actually have a harder time…

but that’s a different question, alright

You should really learn to dispel negative energies and thoughts as much as possible. Your mind can be meditative at all times with enough learning.

Another scientific fact. The female brain stops developing at age 12.

I learned that in college. Male brain stops developing at 25.

so who in the hell wins??

the tortoise?


the rabbit?

Oh ■■■■ excuse me (the hare)