Is it strange to cant sleep on zyprexa?

its a sedating neuro but it has an antidepressive effect, a little one which boosts you up. what if Ill start to not sleeping? it will be pity cause I have few side effects on this ap :(, I would like to keep it. and sorry if I am mean sometimes, I am just lost still and sad and angry sometimes :(…

weird that i read this thread as i am on zyprexa and still awake

my fault tho as i drank coffee too late

i took it before on 10 mg and precisely, I couldn’t sleep a lot, it was like a coke or something like this without the euphoria…but its been a month that I am back on it and I didn’t sleep since 13 hours which is strange for me and I even don’t want to sleep still, for me its strange, I am worried that it will be like this… cause theres no a lot of feelings in myself now like this ,you see? :frowning:

I hope its just the beginning the time to get used to it…idk anymore :slight_smile:

I slept more when I was on Zyprexa. I was always taking a nap, and I slept a lot at night too.

me, in fact after a month it starts to boosts me. without the euphoria or happiness like I said but I can stay awake more… it has this effect on me. I really cant switch meds anymore, tried them all… I guess, I can manage to sleep less, its not such a bad thing in itself isn’t it? or go on a smaller dose once when I am more stabilized… now I am on 5 mg one day and the next day on 7,5mg…

do you think guys that with the months I would probably succeed to get used to this boosting effect? ive never heard of anyone who has it on zyprexa…they are all knocked out in fact… me I am on my feet since 13 hours and still don’t want to sleep…
please, respond, and someone who got this boosting effect on his ap and how did he manage with it?