Is it possible to "control" psychosis and act/talk "normal"?

so, i’m willing to go off meds.
my psychologist kept saying i wont be able to cope, like the first time.
"but you will lose reason! blabla"
i’m pretty sure this time will be different.
i’ll not identificate with my thoughts, know its just a delusion, know that no one is after me even though i feel it, know its just a coincidence, that theres no conspiracy, etc. i gotta try it.


and if i feel i’m getting psychotic, i take the meds again.

i dont feel ive expressed myself perfectly, hope you get it.


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I told my psychiatrist that I had ‘perspective on my non-perspective’…

He laughed and told me that’s called ‘insight’. I think you are wondering if you will have insight off of your meds. Can’t answer that one for you. I hope you choose the right path though.

I went off my meds 5 times and crashed 5 times. I know now that I’m a lifer for Abilify. It works for me.


Just my own experiences…

I stopped taking meds about 6 years ago.
Of course I knew I had schizophrenia then,
But after about 6 monthes, I began to feel unwell and became psychotic again.
I refused to recieve treatment cos I believed I was normal.
About a few weeks later, I got hospitalized.
And I stayed in hospital for 9 months.

I think it’s hard to control psychosis without medication.
Even if you know you have schizophrenia, it doesn’t matter.
I don’t know why you don’t want to take meds, but I think you need to take them if you wish to control psychosis.

The more often you have relapses, the harder it gets to treat the illness.

I now don’t want to stop taking medication cos the relapse and the hospitalization was a pretty tough experience. And most importantly, I’ve learned that I need medicaion to live a psychotic-free life. I don’t mind if I have to take medicaion for the rest of my life. It’s far better than a life full of psychosis.


Supposedly John Nash did it, but he was quite old at that point. Even still, it was very hard for him, and I doubt anyone would give you that level of trust these days.


When you return to this site in 2 months looking like this, I think you’ll have your answer. :wink:

Ladies and gentlemen scotty dont


My brother came to visit me at the Hospital during my first relapse. It went like this…

Bro: "Pat? The whole family is proud of you! You’ve made all of the right moves!

Me: “Yeah. I’ve made all of the right moves. That’s why I’m sitting here talking to you in a blue nightgown in a mental ward.”

Then the two of us spontaneously burst out laughing! :smile:


I’m on high dose Abilify. I have symptoms but know they are just symptoms. Without meds I prop would lose insight.


When I first had a psychotic episode I intiially realised i was delusional I realised I was hearing things but then it got out of control of those delusions and they started to feel real.

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It’s possible for a little while, then you lose it and don’t realise you’re psychotic.

As for taking the meds again, it will take about 2 weeks to a month for them to work by which time it would be too late.


No. You’ll think you’re behaving normallly, but you’ll have lost your insight into your illness. What will actually be happening is that you’ll be sounding crazier and crazier to friends and family and doing serious damage to your relationships and reputation.

Is it worth it?



Everytime we go through psychosis the brain suffers more damage. I think it’s not worth it.


good luck man…

even the normies are actors for the most part… that’s just life.

the phrase “over active imagination” might help you put the errant stuff in the right box.

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It is possible to control psychosis… I do it by staying on my meds and going to therapy.

I know people go off their meds and some people don’t take meds…

But at least get yourself plugged in to some therapy… some sort of safety net so if you do start to crumble… you’ll be ok and be helped.

There were times in my life were I was sure I was fine… It wasn’t me… it was all them…them who didn’t understand me… life was an amazing manic blur… I was sure I was on top of my game…

Actually I was getting worse until I ended up in hospital.

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funny ,
no , you cant control psychosis , since the organ you use to rationalise; enabling ‘control’ , is broken.

tip: if your psychotic , you need to ‘unpsychotic’ yourself,

Then maybe after that, you can employ control.

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how does one do that?

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I take meds for it , just like everyone else :slight_smile:


What’s behind chuck Norris’s fist?
Another fist…

Do not go off meds.

You are thinking normally because of the meds. You aren’t better, the meds are making you feel better. Same goes for me. I know the side effects suck. I am on a few handfuls of meds a day.

It is possible to control your behaviors if you have symptoms. I do it all the time. However, I recommend not having significant symptoms by taking enough meds.

I cannot recommend going off meds. It is insane to go off the meds.

I have bad days and worse days. I have a constant level of symptoms but my careful dosage keeps me mentally and physically sharp enough to brush them off. Any more meds and I won’t get out of bed. Also more side effects. I have enough side effects and enough trouble brushing off chronic nightmares and taking my meds and not throwing them all up every morning.

I do keep control of myself despite a certain level of symptoms. I am an outstanding psychology student, that is why and how I do that. I also go to therapy in addition to meds. I also have a certain personality which is very resilient.

I’m egotistical enough to say that I am smart enough and tough enough to live well despite chronic symptoms. Most people aren’t.

A little background- before the illness I was a fighter and a straight A student at an international school. That’s high caliber.

The best defense is a good offense, that’s what I say and how I think. That’s unusual.

Take your meds and take it easy. You don’t want to make your life harder by quitting meds.

And by the way, the withdrawals from meds will make you change your mind quickly and take more meds than ever before.

Don’t do it.