Is it possible that I don't have sza?

I have been previously diagnosed with sza and borderline and anxiety by my last pdoc

Then in hospital I was thought to have personality disorder (especially borderline) and anxiety disorder but they never said anything about anything “schizo”

Then in my outpatients appt with my new pdoc she said there’s a definite borderline element to my illness and also a schizo element along with anxiety

When I last read about borderline I saw some people with it can get psychosis - mostly paranoia but sometimes even voices or delusions

Is this true? Is it perhaps that my sza symptoms are actually just from my BPD?

Although one thing is that with BPD, AP’S don’t make a difference with psychosis so much and one can take it short term. But with me I have to take it long term because every time I stopped I got ill again

My observation though, is that the main symptoms I’m being helped with in taking AP’S is the aggression and emotional/thought storms. It did help psychosis as well though

Just wondering if my sza symptoms can be just due to BPD

Going to ask my pdoc next time as well. See her on Wednesday again.

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BPD patients can become psychotic occasionally but rarely do they suffer with major hallucinations like auditory hallucinations on a consistent basis.

It’s possible to suffer with both disorders, SZA and borderline.

Yes it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.

Good luck with everything @Hadeda

Thanks @Wave
My voices aren’t continuous. I get them about once a fortnight or month or so. Usually when I’m stressed

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sounds like schizo-affective to me,

but what do I know. Don’t screw around with your meds.


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it’s always possible but hard for us to say if it is or isn’t… you really need to talk to your pdoc about it.

But i think it’s more likely that you got both than that it’s one of them…

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