Death and Book Clubs

I was a member of a book club a few years ago, and the book we discussed had as a main character, a personification of Death. Soon after reading part of the book, I had suicide ideations. I rarely have suicide ideations, and was wondering if the study of the book would have caused it. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Many things can be triggering, books, movies, music. Sorry to hear about this Luniben. I feel bad as I’m the one who picked out that book.

The reason it’s odd is because I’ve only considered suicide twice in my life. Likely it was during times when I was either about to lose a job or had lost a job. It’s likely those were the primary triggers and the book was secondary. However, I never finished the book. I don’t know if it was the subject matter or the saccades that intruded or the book club folded.

Books have influenced me a little too much at certain times in my life. Even now, I still take book recommendations very cautiously. Some people love sci-fi and humor… I can read that.

Other like true crime and government spying novels… I can’t take that.

During episodes, I have felt bubbles the size of my head entering and exiting my head. I have understood this as my story being transmitted. The bubbles go to authors as ideas. This is probably why I have never attempted to publish anything.

I cant handle crime novels either. I don’t do horror except I did read Ann Rice a few years ago - but that didn’t seem very horror. It was more fantasy than anything. I think she had a genre of her own…

i avoid things that may trigger my sz, mostly i watch comedys’.
take care

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I’m very suggestible. When I read the wrong thing on here sometimes it can throw me for a loop and change how I’m feeling.


That has happened to me too. Some post stick in my head and make me feel bad for hours.