Is it mad for my pdoc to recommend me to take clozapine again after having already had two bad reactions to it

ive been on clozapine 3 times, and on two occasions my blood count went dangerously low (in the red), but now my pdoc wants me to go on it for a fourth time

this frustrates me as ive been on it 3 occasions and I did not do much well,

but my pdoc wants me to try it again…

ive aready been on 900mg of clozapine for over two years but my blood count went dangerously low and I had to stop

is my pdoc mad to advise me to try clozapine again

Sounds risky. Is your SZ treatment-resistant?


You have the right to tell him no. I wouldn’t do it. I’d ask him to earn his money and come up with an alternative solution.


yeah im pretty resistant to meds

pdoc has tried a lot of meds on me

my pdoc tells me that he can put me on lithium at athe same time which will offset the chances of my bloods going dangerously low

I agree with you @everhopeful

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I can’t find anything on the web about lithium offsetting the chances of your blood count being lowered by clozapine.

Sounds fishy.


@naturallycured…yeah my pdoc said that to me yesterday…sounds odd to me too


Tell him no. Some doctors are idiots and don’t know what the hell they’re doing. He definitely sounds like one of them

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Tell him no. You don’t want a medication that is going to kill you. The ■■■■ is wrong with this guy??

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