Im on clozapine

Im on clozapine and am confused. I am currently on 400mg of clozapine and I am getting mixed messages from my pdoc. I don’t know if the pdoc intentions is to keep raising the clozapine until I feel better or do they just take a blood test to assess the level of clozapine. Im getting mixed messages from the shrink. She seems to think I just stay at the 400mg level so they can do a blood test to assess the amount of clozapine…is that true or do they keep rising the dosage of clozapine.

what I ASK Is this, what is the procedure when one reaches a dose of 400mg of clozapine

Is clozapine the one with the risk of death due to affecting white blood cell count? Whichever one that is I heard it works the best for positive symptoms, but I’d never take it.

@SoitGoes…yeah that’s the one. I did not want to take it myself. But under pressure ive decided to take it.

Hi - the schedule of blood testing and what they do changes over time. The full information is here - perhaps print it out and discuss it with your doctor:

Also - here is another good thing to go through before your doctor appointment and take with you to make sure all your concerns are addressed:

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