Is it fair that I can’t live with my mom

I’m only 17. This really sucks

It sucks and yes, life isn’t fair.

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My life would have been greatly improved by not having my mother in it. Your situation looks pretty good to me.

My mom is good. How is it being taken away?

How is what being taken away?

Me being taken away from my mom

It may or not be fair. In any case it’s an opportunity for personal growth. Make the best of things while learning what you can where you are and you’ve got knowledge you can apply to different problems that appear in your life later on.

I feel shitty cuz I’m in this foster home.

Soon you are 18. At 18 people usually get their own place and don’t live with their parents any longer. One has more privacy and freedom that way. Maybe it is allowed even at 17 in your country.

There are supportsystems for schizophrenics in Germany. I live in a shared house with other schizophrenics in a very nice district and have supportive talks with a helper every week.
But I wouldn’t write off your own Appartment and your own money. That’s why I recommended a lawyer to you some months ago.

I would love to be able to move out from my mom’s place. I’m just not in a position financially or mentally to do so. It sucks because the older I get, the more embarrassing it is that I live at home. Maybe I shouldn’t care what people think, but I’m not a sociopath and connecting with people matters. That’s difficult when you don’t have a normal life like everyone else.


I lived with both my parents till I was 21, and just my dad till I was 24. In early 1981 I was sent to a social services halfway house for the mentally ill… It was not a good experience and I went back to psych hospital. I was there from May 1981 to March 1983; leaving there with my future wife.

i was about as low functioning as you could get, living with my parents and then during that long ,last stay in psych hospital . I had no help to be more functional and independent. You may be thinking ‘Well, you’re not exactly high functioning with great independent living skills now’ but trust me I was a lot worse then! My wife helped a lot. She didn’t treat me like a hopeless case.