How to get out of the foster home

I’m done with being here and the other ppl scare me

Where do you want to go? You can’t live on your own or with your parents. You will end up homeless or worse.

I want to live with my mom

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Ok so you’re not afraid that they will poison you anymore? Anyways its your parents’s choice to let you live with them. I am sure your parents can take you out of there if they really wanted to.

I’m not afraid of her anymore

Also its up to the social worker or court not her

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Oh I never knew you were court ordered.

Why is that? Is it bcz you threatened your Dr?

yes its because of that

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Then I guess your only option is to comply and then later they will probably release you.

What means ”later” in this case

Idk depends on what the court decides but I am sure you wont stay there for life. Maybe they will let you go back live with your parents once you’re 18 or maybe even before

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How about you become friendly with the pdoc you threatened and make her write a letter to the court to overturn the decision

Just dont do the worst thing and run away, really bad ■■■■ happens to people on the street, keep it together, bee cool about it, you made a mistake so you got to just learn from it i guess, i’ll pray things work out for you :slight_smile:

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I ran away from home 2 years ago and got arrested :joy: I’m 34 … don’t ask me how an adult runs away but I did unsuccessfully! Sorry I’m of no hope for your situation

I like my family too we all get along great ! I don’t know what made me do it!!