Is it difficult to be without a job?

Where I live there’s a free 4 week training course to get into that job.

I wouldn’t do within the next year thou I need to build on my wisdom.


Thats exactly what i did, i took a full year of doing nothing, went to a mindfulness course through my therapist and worked on being more positive. Really helped. I tried all types of jobs the next year but didnt seem to really feel like it was my thing

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Lifes easy without a job as long as you have a sufficient income. I do miss work however.

Pros of no job:

  • Less stress, so less illness flare-ups

  • Easier to make it to medical appointments

Cons of no job:

  • Less cash

  • People turn their noses up at you for being unemployed




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I loved my job. But I lost it when I became unwell.

Since loosing it, until recently I had no desire to work.

If I did not have children I would go back to work now in a heartbeat. Maybe in a few years when they are older and in school.

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You spend such a lot of time working, that just it being a means to an end is just simply the wrong way to look at it.

If I do not have fulfilment in what I am doing I simply cannot do it


How is work going @Joker ?

It’s going well. I failed to get the promotion, but I will not let that influence or deter my efforts

Have you organised what you’re doing now?


Almost there. Still need an apartment. But hoping to get it sorted in the next couple of weeks.

How long have you been in the job? Usually a promotion takes at least 3 years of seniority.

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Hope you can find somewhere good!

I have done this job for 18 months, but I have 5 years additional experience in this field from another time.

Actually earning less now than I did 7 years ago, but I accepted the cut in position and pay because in-between was a significant lapse in symptoms that destroyed my career at the previous job.

Been able to tolerate the difference to a point, but I am needing to earn some more money to cover a loan

Basically today I have asked for permission to do some limited private work to boost earnings.

Biting my lip being in a lesser position to influence and make decisions has been difficult.

Seems very alien to me how they deal with progression.

But not to worry. What will be will be


I understand your frustration. But you’re in a career. That part is already an accomplishment.

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I don’t like being pigeonholed into the level I have been.

Literally cannot work any harder than I do already

If you’re going to raise peoples expectations then you’d better back up the assertion

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I’ve seen people wait decades for a promotion.

In dutch we say ‘de aanhouder wint’, meaning ‘the one who persists wins’.

I have been told pretty much on a weekly basis for the last year that I am working at the level.

It’s not me who has set the scene for this

They have been telling me so much I thought fine, I will apply to do it

Then I get rejected because I am unable to do the interview properly

The merit is not being taken into account, which is something I am taking exception to


My friend i gotta say you are really an inspiration

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I have calmed down now about what I posted earlier

My head has been racing through what number of different things I could do next

But I will absorb this setback and continue doing a job I value and love

The salary will just have to stretch more than it has done to date



Glad you’re working through it so well. Sorry for the long PMs, just wanted to help. Hopefully I could a little! :hugs:

They value you too. :grinning:

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Thank you @Shmookitty

pretty tired now so will try and get up early enough tomorrow to write back

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No rush! I’m just glad you’re at peace. :slight_smile: