Is it cool to be crazy?


From my interactions and things ive noticed on social media… its a fair question… is it in to be insane?..

I dont think most of them understand the meaning of insanity… but i find it adorable they try… thoughts from the greatest collection of sz sza ect…


I’ve noticed this trend on social media too. It’s kinda weird in my opinion. Hmmm :thinking:

I must be one cool fool. :sunglasses: :rofl:


You are cool man… only a smart person would call themselves a fool… a true fool is too oblivious to the fact to state it…


A lot of people think they crazy for a lot a reasons. I was talking too this girl who said she got bp, I don’t think she wanted to go through that hell


She clearly did not have


The cynical me thinks there are a lot of posers who think having a mental illness would make them more complex and edgy.

As if your personality is dictated and defined by you mental illness.


The cynic may be the truth… lol but no lol…


I think it’s probably the same mentality that’s led to some sz members excluding bipolar and other forms of psychosis. If people have been constantly told they don’t belong in the mainstream community, they say, “screw you! I’m making my own community, and it’s way better than yours!”

Thus, people with depression/anxiety/other MI brag about being insane, to prove they are special and fit in with the MI community.


As evidenced by my sister who suffers anxiety and refers to her medication as “nutso pills”.



Elon Musk thinks he’s in a simulation. But because he’s cool, smart, and a billionaire, he comes off as an eccentric genius. He can function and have a family. I can’t.

I’m a chain smoker with the same beliefs. I’m medicated and harmless. I blend in. Some people are really crazy and dangerous.

I’m barely scrapping by trying to get my education. I’m seriously obese and never had a girlfriend.

The matrix delusion as far as I know fits insanity.


People with anxiety and depression do face a lot of social stigma. It’s not the same level as what we face, but they do deal with negative backlash for taking meds, including their own internalized feelings of shame for not being able to power through their problem. Especially since many people with mild depression/anxiety manage without medication. It makes sense that your sister would use self-deprecating humor to cope with the stigma for taking psych meds.


Some people are weaker than others. If I wasn’t severely schizophrenic or had it at all, I wouldn’t be here. I would be making my own way in life…


I don’t think there’s anything cool about it no matter what the diagnosis. It’s a weird world these days and there are people who have problems which mightn’t actually be of a regularly diagnosed disorder. I guess looking to explain things in their own worlds. I can’t see how it would be cool to anyone though!


In normal circumstances I would agree with you, but knowing my sister, it is just offensive. It’s her aim in life to offend, alienate, and generally just rub people the wrong way.

Thank you for your perspective though, I do appreciate it.


A lot of the edgy kids at my school are absolutely obsessed with mental illness and insanity, they just think it’s so cool. It’s honestly kind of funny


Here’s a question…

If a person is preoccupied with wanting a mental illness for whatever reason, does that in itself qualify as a mental illness??


I think normal people want to escape reality sometimes and have romantic fantasy about it

They just don’t understand what it’s like without any control


@anon84763962 . Those sort of people used to annoy me but that is a great question. It’s not normal and it certainly is something! I’ve done a lot of reconsidering lately and I think you may be onto something!


So were at… is it a mental illness to think insanity is magic and want to join because magic? …thats honestly the level were at…

Ive seen some use it as scape goats… oh thats just my (insert mi) acting up… nah your just a di…not a nice person… and you do dumb ■■■■… sometimes its truth… but it seems like 85% of the time false…

Hmm im done… whatever the crap i just wrote… serqual is heavy fast…im going back to the meme thread where its safe…


Whatever works to reduce stigma who cares.