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Is it cool to be crazy?


It seems like a lot of women in their early 20’s or so, think that being “crazy” somehow makes them more deep.
I’ve seen a ton of profiles with descriptions like "I have anger issues and I’m super emotional, and if you can’t deal with that then I don’t want to deal with you" as if being unable to control their emotions somehow makes them a better person.

I think some of them just do it to have an excuse for acting inappropriately towards others without consequences.


Wow! @turtle. So true. Like on the ward it is nearly expected of me to act out. I was watched like a hawk. I may have sza but I’m not violent. I can be an azz sometimes but I’m not the fighting type. Stigma is a crapchute. :slight_smile:


I know, it’s honestly kind of cringey :laughing:


Crazy how?

Like the recent events I just heard about that were done by ‘sane’ people?

Like many events that have occurred in history that still do today by ‘sane’ people?

Not sure there is a good, solid grasp that people have on the understanding of ‘crazy’ just yet to say that.


i think that people think that being crazy is fun. so they do crazy things like drinking alkohol doing drugs or other stuff…swimming naked… jumping from plane… yeah sometimes its cool to be littlebit crazy… crazy could mean being on an edge of things… but being mad and psychotic isnt cool…some delusions can be associated with coolness couse its weird bizzare unusual… hallucinations can be cool ocuse its unreal… unreal thought can be cool couse they are unusual… but being ill it is not cool couse of lots of suffering and danger and risk of life…

but thinking your thoughts are cool or your illness is cool its fine it puts you on a positive path


A lot of people don’t know what it means to be “crazy”. It seems like a novelty to some people, something that makes them really deep and interesting. They don’t really seem to understand that mental illness is an actual sickness. It’s not cool or fun. It can makes some people’s lives living hells.


It seems to be cool to be a victim of some sort right now and it’s sure not healthy.


I notice that there are a lot of strange people out there in the world.
I’m not talking severe mental illness I’m talking about neurosis.
Lots of neurotic people.


I think being crazy means you are neither not cool and not uncool…thats why its called being crazy.


It’s almost as if you want to be crazy, that means you’re a normie. And if you don’t want to be crazy, that means you’re probably crazy.


no it’s not cool but it does seem like there are a lot of depressed and anxious people lately, and a few have mentioned being diagnosed bipolar.


Yeah, it was bitchin’ when they chained me to a table for four hours so I couldn’t move…

Psychosis was better than Christmas, Mardi Gra, and seeing a girls breast for the first time when I was 13 all rolled into one.


people seem to like the “idea” of being crazy but when faced with the reality of the people they brand as truly crazy they turn and run


I think a lot of people think insane = characters like the joker and Harley Quinn. When in reality it is absolutely nothing like that.

They think MI is what makes characters/villians dark and edgy. And so people try to mimic it even if the character is a ■■■■ role model.

I swear to ■■■■ if I hear one more person say “lol I think I have multiple personalities or something” or something along the lines of “the voices tell me to do (insert bad thing here)” or reference any other mental health condition in a stupid way like that. I’m gonna lose a leg from breaking my foot off in their ass. Im so done.


Thank You for Saying This :pray:t4:


is it ironic when the insane laugh about insanity? Its all a joke… everything… lol…


I think that cool people are a little crazy I believe that there’s beauty in the unnorm


I think some teenagers fake a mental illness for attention. Pretending to have a mental illness such as an eating disorder, self-harm, depression or bipolar disorder has become fashionable and glamorous.

Mental illness may look cool or glamorous from the outside, but when you’re trapped inside it, it’s the least glamorous thing you could ever imagine.


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