Is it controlling of me to

to BELIEVE that I will have close friends in the future, IRL.

I ask if its controlling cos people choosing to become close friends with me is their choice.
So how can I just BELIEVE that this WILL happen.
So should I just be wondering if, instead of believing it :grimacing:

:smile: I honestly wonder about this.

It’s not controlling, you are perceiving yourself in a negative light.

It is an expectation is a better way to describe it, or a hope.

I think so at least.

If I expect it, or believe it, is that not demanding of others then, or big headed like as if I know they will like me. When I’m not in their body. Who am I to know.

Hope doesn’t feel as strong as belief. To me.

So i prefer to believe instead of hope.

Now that I’m saying this out loud I’m beginning to see that I’m uncertain of this belief yet I still believe it lol.

A person can demand all the want. It doesn’t mean it’ll happen. If you make friends with people, it means they like you and want to be your friend all on their own. So no worries

I guess it’s not demanding if I believe in like attracts like.

So it’s all good.


I agree. You’re not demanding in any way.

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Thankyou Pianogal. I appreciate it.

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We got that PMA!!!

(Positive Mental Attitude)


I was worried I lost my best friend the other day because I sent him an angry text.

But we made up and it’s all good.

Close friendships are built on compassion and understanding.

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