You'ld think someone lonely would take anyone but, no

the lonelier you are, the fussier you are about who you will accept as a friend. So ironic.


Good insight ! :thinking:

Is friends always end up on bad terms,quarrel and disagreement

I’m alone, not lonely, sure it would be nice to have someone, just not worth the drama that comes with it

I learnt along time ago - that some people will take advantage of your desparation “to be loved” or “liked” - so im definatley more fussy.

Alot of people just gotta learn to be happy with thier own company - and not leave themselves wide open to someone that knows just to flutter their eyelids to get what they want outta you.

I cant stand meeting new people. I do have some mild anxiety but it’s more that I just don’t get on with a lot of people and find that two out of three times its a worthless exercise.

I know this is a different scenario but here goes…

Once I reached 25 my family told me I can’t be “picky” however if I’m going to spend my life with someone I’d rather be “picky “ than spend life with someone I don’t like. I’d rather stay single…

So I guess the same applies with friends. I be friends with people I feel a connection with otherwise what’s the point. I’m happy with my own company I had to learn to be. Live going theatre and cinema on my own.


Friends? Couldn’t trust them.
I like FB friends because you can pretend everything is peachy.
You’re best friends will always be family and


Friends are like badgers ----- nothing but trouble I think it is better to just have aquaintances …

Well in a way, the good picks get taken quickly.
keep searching for the ONE. If something doesn’t feel right it. isn’t.
They say love is blind because when you find the one, they find your quirks cute and
they seem perfect too, no reservations, then that’s the one.
True love forgives and forgets. Its pleasing the other person as hard as they’re trying to make you happy.

I feel the same way you do, @anon80629714.

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I’m alone. But, not lonely.


I am alone because I never made friends with people who were actually nice.

I agree with you though, I am so fussy that no one meets the standard, and it will stay that way.

Right back atcha.

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