Is it bad to think of solitude as like a muscle that you train the more you experience it?

The more you are in solitude, the better you get at it?


Do you ever see anyone at all?

yes, but only for brief periods

I don’t ever see anyone.

you must be very strong

It is a muscle but I would like some interaction.

thank goodness for then. I mean it’s not the real thing, but it’s something


I ruined my last opportunity for friends. It was dumb. My bad.

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Some say you only exist in relationships.

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Not sure about the analogy but its harder to be alone if you are used to company. However people’s day to day experience is not recieved the same. Sometimes solitude is very nice, other times it can really cause negative thoughts. I live with family but spend most of my time alone, but it is nice to have someone around even for a few moments per day


I don’t know if “better” is the right word, but I have gotten to where I prefer solitude to human company.

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I’ve always liked some degree of being on my own. Its more like the more time goes by the more I enjoy it - in which case I guess your analogy does work lol!

Its nothing wrong with thinking about it, i guess. Sometimes some need to be alone for a while to feel good again. In moderation, or keep it in balance. I am lucky that way, i don’t have a family, like a wife, or children.

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