Isolation is the opposite of unhealthy for me

Its the one time i’m calm without paranoid thoughts. I don’t get any negative effects and can socialize a lot better when i do choose to interact with people.

I see alot of people saying how bad isolation is (and I agree in the sense of no human contact at all). Does anyone else feel better when they’re away from everyone?

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I have my own flat and it’s a haven for me. I like the solitude I like company too and seeing my mum and dad but I don’t mind being single or anything


I think a lot of psychiatric drugs predispose people for lack of energy and concentration and other things that makes it weary to be around people, so yes I think isolation can be positive in this sense. Try to get out and about on good days and stay home on the bad ones.

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I feel better until I don’t. I like to isolate, but I start to slide downhill if I go too long without interaction with others. I’m more comfortable isolating myself, but I have had to accept that some socializing is necessary, even if I have a distaste for it.

I feel most comfortable being alone. I can work on my peace and equanimity.

Ive been isolated for 12 years. I think in some ways its really helped me. I like it. But the level of isolation ive had has made talking and communication harder.

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