Loneliness isn't so bad for me

Anyone else here not mind or even like the feelings of loneliness? I’ve been living alone for four months and I don’t really feel much of anything when I am genuinely alone. The quiet is tranquil, and I can actually rest or relax without any worries of interpersonal reactions.

I feel like a deadbeat most of the time, but who is caring? It’s nice, because no one is around to judge me for it. I know what I was like prior to SZ, I was a loud & proud, super-active member of the community. Not so much anymore, but that’s also not a bad thing either… slipping casually from an energy-filled life, deep into a void of peace & tranquility.

If this is what retirement feels like, count me in as an early retiree. :hatching_chick:

Loneliness does get to me if I’m isolated for too long.

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I am facing a dilemna - I dont like to be alone, but I also have a hard time living with certain people.

In the future, I will probably live in a TownHouse all by myself but will be surrounded with neighbors - this could be a good solution.

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I think loneliness is an okay place to occasionally visit…but a lousy place to live.

Perhaps take up a hobby in which you’re able to meet like-minded people, @mistercollie.

You seem like a very intelligent and affable gentleman to me. Bet you could hit it off instantly if you got into the right group of people. :wink: