Is it bad to stay awake for more then 24 hours at a time?

Been awake 24 hours and it’s 930 am gonna take morning pills right now. Then I’m gonna stay awake for at least another 7 hours. Just wondering how hard on the body is this to someone?

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I think that you should consult with doctors.
Also, you may try to consult other people( like you do here) and look for info on the internet.

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It probably varies somewhat from person to person, depending on things like age, physical condition, metabolism, and so on. It’s probably not a good thing to make a habit under any circumstances. If you are young it might catch up with you as you get older. People’s sleeping habits vary widely. There are a very few people who don’t need sleep at all. They stay awake 24/7 with no harm done. Sleep cycles depend a lot on the rythms of your activity. It’s best to get onto a steady rythm if you can.

It has been proven we can handle life better with sleep, even short naps through out the day are good and help the brain remember things

It makes you more susceptible to psychosis. It also hits your cognitive functions pretty hard. A good night’s sleep is probably all you need though. Unless you stay awake for several days, you’ll probably not become psychotic again because of a lack of sleep.

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Have you tried melatonin or seriquel? They might help.

I’m on zoplicone and trazodone except I stayed up all night be cuz this chick thinks her place is haunted gonna sleep like a bear tonite. It’s 10:30 am and I’m not drinking any more coffee today gonna stay awake until 8 and take my sleeping pills

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I stay awake for 24 hours all of the time. So I don’t think it is “bad” per se. Just as long as I get good sleep the following night. (Which I always do).

I doesn’t sound like it’s a habit. sounds like it was just a thing that happened. Get some good sleep, get back on track and you should be OK.

yes the first time i ever heard voices was from sleep deprivation

Depends on your age. I used to only sleep three -five hours a night for several years in my forties and then go in to my job and work six hours. And I had a little thing called paranoid schizophrenia for thirty years at the time and incidentally, a bad back. I do not recommend it. Now at 56 I still pull an all-nighter occasionally or stay up doing homework and get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I cannot do it anymore. But if you are 20 years old it is easier to do this than if you are 56.


Staying awake for more than 24 consecutive hours on a regular basis increases the risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Also, it increases the risk of weight gain, depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Would not recommend. Lack of sleep can exacerbate any mental illness, psychosis in particular. It’s also terrible in general even for non mentally ill people.

Try not to make a habit out of it.
Staying up all night long can exacerbate psychosis.

I am nearing 24 hours without sleep.
The count is now on 20.
Not even tired.
I will go to sleep.
try. We will see what happens.

i used to stay up as long as 36 hours with nothing more than coffee before going crazy. It’s likely a sign of a mood disturbance.

so I got something to say. I stayed up for an entire week one time. 7 days. I was going through xanax withdrawals. on the last day, I promised myself that if I wasn’t able to fall asleep that night, then I would go to the ER.

turns out I was able to sleep that night. sleep deprivation is hell. you really feel it in your eyes.

by the way, the ‘world record’ for how long someone has stayed awake for is only 11 days. I was 4 days short.

again, sleep deprivation is hell.

My auntie stayed awake for a month… but she was smoking meth

Last week i ended up staying up for more than 24 hours. Ended up having a seizure


“Is it bad to stay awake for more then 24 hours at a time?”

I don’t know, as I rarely stay up for that long.

but when I have, those days happened to be horrendous.