Is it a disorganized trait?

I talk loudly, discuss, with no one, I talk to the wall, I shout, “why? No I don’t think so, you are stupid, give me a break. Well, tell me about you. (no one talks). OK this is quite interesting. Naive naive you. I spit on your stylish hair and face. Stop, stop talking. Now I talk (of course the invisible entity doesn’t respond). It’s funny, yes? I will tell you a story. Don’t be tired… Come on. OK, listen, it’s a great story, but not available all the time0”. Etc

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"ok tell me about yourself. I’m done, I really am. Now it’s your turn. Ok, I listen. Yes, yes, yes, we agree. You see? It was easy. You fucing moron. Stop. It was enough. Now tell me some fresh news. What’s going on in Yugoslavia? In Russia? In Africa? You know so many things. Ok "

I know schizophrenic twins who have disorganized thoughts, its hard to understand what they say when they talk or text message. They talk to and destroy walls. They talk to their hand, they rage and destroy things.

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Their talking and texting is called word salad.

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You see, I don’t respond to voices but to nothing

I talk like this all day .

I think they hear voices as objects instead of unreal ppl like most schizophrenics. When I am unmedicated I become somewhat like them, I caress walls thinking they’re a person or a dog.
Sometimes on meds I see objects as strangers watching me at night, black objects like a ladder, I couldn’t sleep until I hid the ladder from my view.

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I talk with void, emptiness. I don’t hear voices when I talk. I hear nothing. I don’t need to hear. I just vent

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Meds didn’t fix my suicidal thoughts. I think everyone is going to heaven and that I need to kill myself to go to heaven faster, no sz, heaven, etc
My parents say I am crazy and get mad and depressed because of me. They said I am shortening their lifespan, I raised my mother’s blood pressure to 180 just by talking about my suicidal ideas.

They re right. Refrain from Such topics

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Now I shout with all my breath “SHUT UP” to the air

Now a voice interrupted me “you must die” and I shout ■■■■■ you!”, and she said “no need for shouts , my dear” with a calm voice

I do the same very often, i dont think its a disorganized trait. Normies do it too, but not as much as schizos.

I dont mind in normal situations, but when im stressed, i begin quarrel with myself and blaming me for all kind of stuff in a involuntary metacognitive way and thats very painful. An example:

“you never going to make it. Shut up. No i want shut up. You are just a loser. Yes so are you. Dont talk with your own thoughts, it is sick. I dont mind if its sick, just bugger off, no i stay… etc etc etc.”


Yes, I think it’s close to word salad, cos I make new words, I connect words with strange way, and I am talking with no one. I even get furious if the walll objects to me. Of course it doesn’t object or respond, but I imagine it does

I know what you are talking about. I have several very private neologisms, just gibberish. Mostly i can retain them in public, but sometimes they slip by and i say something really, really weird when people are listening.

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I make sacred mantras with my weird neologisms


I sent a similar SMS to my psychiatrist, I wonder what will he say

“ok open the door, I wanna go now. What? Is it locked? How do you know? Well, it’s not locked but you are” saakaa

“the city is dangerous, don’t even think about it. Save me. Save me as I saved you, you little prick.”

I feel the need to talk aloud, either answering to voices or talking alone, and I pretend I am talking on my mobile phone so people don’t understand. It’s a good method