Is instant coffee better than drip coffee?

Seems to me it is since you’re actually consuming the beans.

You aren’t consuming the beans. Instant coffee is just dehydrated drip coffee

No instant coffee s***** in my opinion. I can’t stand instant coffee!

But I’m kind of a coffee, foodie snob.

Yeah, instant is bleh. My great grandfather used t o use two tablespoons of Folgers instatn in a cup of tap hot water. I didn’t know how to make coffee except his way and tried it. Omg disgustingly gross

I don’t like Folgers instant either. I use Nescafé. I don’t really like any of the brands I’ve tried but I need the antioxidants.

The antioxidants are present in drip, not instant as far as I know.

Oops , I am wrong. Instatn may have more

I’d drink instant in a pinch but drip is way better. French press is even better but more work to clean up.

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