Is food a scarce resource

How does food grows and is there food to feed everyone on the world?

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if there is not enough food for everyone why did god make it as such?

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Well i dont know i just have my opinion but i think the majority of the food we have comes from the work of our hands… so each person has to kind of in ways provide their own daily food

(except the sick ofcourse because everyone gets sick and sometimes you cant work when youre sick but you provide for humanity in many other ways)

So in the end theres enough food for everyone. The problem is the rich take from the poor by forcing them into deals they cant refuse, shifty business deals etc paying like half of what they should and as a result the poor do not have enough of it. They pick 10 apples but the rich take 5 of them while they sit on their butss… and then gorge themselves on food and waste the rest… while the poor man starves

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i wish food took less time to cook and grew quicker in nature. there is some fruit trees that gives fruits only once a year for example in front of my house there is a peach tree that gives only once a year.

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Wow i see hmm. Yea that would be cool. I find it amazing how food even grows in the first place. Its quite miraculous.

food has to grow else humans wouldn’t be able to live thats the minimum god could give us.

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Humans currently produce enough food to easily feed the population of this planet, but politics and greed mean that people living in “rich” countries have better access to the supply, while “poor” countries don’t get so much. Also, we waste a lot of food in America just because a fruit or vegetable won’t be sold because it isn’t “pretty” enough for the consumer (like its shape or color is different). We also throw away good food when it’s slightly past the use-by date.

I’ve heard that in America we throw away one third of the food we produce. Maybe the problem isn’t so much growing as distribution and preserving. I don’t think there are any magic wands.

Food is easy even if you have practically nothing
Canned beans, ramen, corn, green beans, peas, all of which are cheap and filling enough from dollar stores :slightly_smiling_face:
And of course Vienna sausages

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I think it should have been all automated by now.
How much an individual burns the calories
and the required amount of food what one needs.
Should have been calculated and supplied to each individual.
It may be definitely in future.
I heard few company have already calculated,
like block chain technology in agriculture.

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