Is being very scared around people a psychotic symptoms

I just don’t feel like talking even around people,after an hour or two,I feel people start to dislike my presence,I don’t know why’s that?I was on meds last time,it’s similiar now that I am not on meds.I got a feeling this won’t changes,I am so scare,but who is similar to me?

I think there are people with schizophrenia don’t face this issue…it gets people who try’s to friend me avoid me…like extreme negativity without valid reason

Sometimes I can get a little relax,then I start to tense up with whatever reason…it’s like it comes up suddenly

If you feel uncomfortable around people and feel they don’t like your presence, then perhaps that is a delusion? Unless you have social anxiety like I do. Being around strangers would trigger my anxiety for sure.

How is that defined as delusion?
Which type…

I would certainly hoped it’s more of social anxiety,but I want the truth.It sounds more like social problem to me,since it only deals with people

That sounds like paranoia. Medicine might be able to help ease the paranoia. You should mention it to your doctor if it’s really troublesome.


Maybe you’re insecure

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I think it sounds like social anxiety and you may be dealing with negative people.

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They are all happy people,it’s just my negativity,extreme negativity that sets off

I did a search,it seems so…mistrust,fear of being taken advantage…it’s all how I feel.

I did tried antipsychotic for years,low doses,it never helps.

Well, you don’t sound like a negative person. I’ve met a lot of happy people who were very negative.

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It’s paranoia.I am quite certain now…

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