Is being attractive the best revenge?

sometime i feel like having those qualities, “resources, power, nice body features” might cushion life for people who might otherwise be angry little underdogs constantly trying to prove themselves, like myself.

if everywhere i went, people want med to, hump my ankles and put me at the top of their social heirarchy or whatever, i cant help but feel like i would be totally chill and have no stress. no stress equals no complexes whatsoever.

but when you are in that other group you cant help but feel like people see you as something to be excised, or some sort of a societal tumor

what do you think?

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Being happy and treating people good is the best revenge. Looks fade and personality changes. Being happy and content with self and being loving and caring to others is the only thing that can never be taken away.


Ya. Schizophrenia aged me quite a lot both mentally and physically due to stress. I guess I’m a nicer person.


I don’t. Wen I was not bad looking, people did not treat me ne better, because my personality was just the same

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personally i think the best revenge is moving on while working on myself first.
whether it be a physical or mental transformation.
being a better version of yourself is nice.


I felt unwanted much of my life. I wasn’t beautiful enough or intelligent enough. But now in my 40s I say if no one wants you live alone. You’ll be fine

I guess im fairly good looking b i used to care a lot about it, but it never made life easier just attracting the opposite sex. Ive gained weight on and off my whole life and when i gain weight it all goes to my face and im anything but good looking any more. Im in shpe now and i guess i look pretty good, but i wont even look at myself in the mirror. I feel like when i do i lose my soul im conscience of. I become obsessed with how i look sometimes and i see my face in my mind instead of my spirit. I feel like im cheating myself now if i tell myself my looks matter at all

Well, good looks have their advantages in life. It gets you in doors that an average looking person might not be able to get into. I saw a study years ago that said when people meet good looking people they often think that the person is nicer and smarter than the average person just because they are beautiful or handsome. Certainly in high school the best looking people had it easier than the homelier people.

it ticks ya off doesn’t it…

The best revenge is no revenge.


Being attractive is a mixed blessing. People can come at you with - I can tell you’re a cool guy, and I’m sure you would like to give me a “loan”, which I won’t pay back, because that is what a cool guy would do. People like you as long as you don’t rub them the wrong way. If you do that they get seriously angry. Emily Dickinson wrote a poem about how, when a person gains some credibility and insight, if you disagree with people’s positions, they get really, really mad. In my personal situation, people just automatically refute any responsibility for violating my civil rights. At one point people were implying strongly that I should commit suicide. That’s a hell of a thing to say to someone who is mentally ill. People expect me to acquiesce to expectations that were created by behavior I engaged in thirty years ago in a town a hundred miles away. There is a point where public domain ends and the right to privacy takes over. People refuse to accept any accountability for their heinous and relentless violation of my privacy. I realize my involuntary behavior is galling and striking, but people most emphatically do not have the right to watch what I do when I am in the privacy of my own room, with the door shut. That shut door is an emphatic “no” to any intrusion on my awareness. I realize my behavior is striking, but should people in Tennessee, people in Arkansas, know about my existence? That is the most heinous kind of invasion of my privacy. Should people in a town thirty miles away know anything about my life, when I go there once a year? There are a lot of things I will accept, but a lot more I won’t. People have just kind of said to me, “You don’t get any rights. You don’t get the protection of the law.” The way I see it, I have the grounds for a massive lawsuit against a lot of people. I’ve been saying I will try to be decent about this, and not take too much money, but when people come at me the way some of them do, I want to sue the daylights out of them - break the bank. Also, I most emphatically don’t want anyone to hump my ankle. That’s disgusting.

If you need to revenge then fire from all weapons.

Sometimes is better to be a good loser and not seek revenge. Are you an avenger?

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Revenge is no good dude

The best revenge is no revenge. Rise above.

That being said, I don’t think good-looking people have it easier.
People see them as a piece of meat, and they’re always worried about what will happen when they stop looking good, because that day will come.

A genuine smile and a warm personality lasts a lifetime, though.

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Yes, that day has come for me.

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