Is anyone interested in stock trading?

Do you do any kind of stock trading like intra day trading etc?

It’s the exact same thing as a casino.

And “everyone has a system” lol.

4 Likes has a lot of good info on it.

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Too risky 151515

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Yes, Bitcoin, Stocks, and one are other thing i keep secret have been great passive incomes for me.

I suggest if your interested take a week to learn the game before jumping in and good luck.

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It’s not as same as putting your money casino come on. :grin:

If that’s the case then even investing in gold and property is also like gambling heck even the producers of films should consider producing as gambling. :wink:

Investing in gold and property is indeed also like gambling. Prices go down as well as up.

Thank you. I am slowly learning the trade. Right now I have 125 dollars that I am going to invest on stocks… I will learn a great deal through it.

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Other than a job any act of investment has a risk factor but in sticks you can start out with a very small amount so that’s a good thing.

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I have a portfolio ran by professionals who went to school and have senior leadership with years of experience with varying outcomes happening within the market. Up to this point I’ve been receiving substantial returns. When I was younger I was very hesitant to take on an aggressive portfolio, but when my friends started showing me their returns I changed my tune and bet aggressively. The portfolios change throughout the life of the portfolio to meet your current needs like less risk and dividend returns when you get older to fund your retirement. So what I’m saying is if you’re inexperienced a portfolio ran by professionals is a good risk worth taking to better set up a future income for yourself.


True and that’s how the game works. You win some and you lose some.

But I thought instead of just sitting at home why not earn a few buck while I can.

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Yes I am investing under the guidance of professionals.

I am starting out slow.

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Also if I may ask… how much do u make in a week approx.

I don’t invest a part of my paycheck or disability anymore. I have enough in the market where the money makes money for it self. Now that I’m on disability I concentrate more on saving for when things break around my house, like I have to pay for a new roof in April and that will cost almost $8,000.

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I studied and worked in finance. I also invest on my own. I lost a lot of money before learning how to trade and invest properly. I would highly suggest you simply invest in an indexed ETF that tracks the S&P 500 market. An ETF would diversity your investments and reduce risk while generating decent returns. It is much safer than investing in individual stocks, especially if you do not have enough capital to diversify over like 20 stocks.


That’s a good idea really. I have a vague idea about etf. Will check on google.

I think stocks are a lot of fun. I am going the sp500 index fund route through vanguard it is voo. Should double your money about every 10 years. What you make will depend on what you put in. I have been fortunate and haven’t lost money.

If my math is right 20000 invested in a sp500etf would make about 20000 / 10 years / 12 months / 4 weeks comes to about 41 per week.

I agree with everhopeful, nobody can game it without luck.

insider trading is the only way to make gains and that’s only possible if you’re good enough to hide it happening imo.

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It’s not the way you think… If what u said is true then there won’t be millions of people on stock trading.