Is anyone interested in stock trading?

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What is your take on intra day trading?

I’m going from an economic point of view. It is a luck game unless you have information; which is meant to be illegal. that’s what I’m suggesting

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I don’t know anything about day trading I just hold for the long term. I think day trading sounds like a lot of work.

Dont get into stocks while psychotic. I did and my memory was shot when I made my password bcz of psychosis. I bought bitcoins for 1200$CA back when it was 200-300$. Now I have over 200 000$CA in bitcoins and dont know my pw. The more I see bitcoin going up the more I feel like ■■■■ bcz I cant remember my pw.


You could reasonably argue that absolutely everything in life is gambling. Think about it. Even marrying and having a baby or babies, is gambling. One of the biggest gambles I ever took in life was choosing a career. Although I didn’t know it at the time.


Same with me but I had about $175 in Litecoin and now it’s gone and I didn’t withdraw it. I can’t investigate it because Coinbase, the website, doesn’t have a phone number and my password doesn’t work.

I’m very sorry about your situation @Aziz . I will pray for you.

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I got a small (I mean small ) amount of bitcoin. I believe in it but haven’t read or understood the white paper yet. I still need to watch more videos. It’s the only crypto-currency I’m willing to play with. Stocks are a disaster. Only one i like is Vaxart. Maybe SpaceX some day. Maybe Tesla lol i don’t know though.

I think I made 50-100 bucks in bitcoin already in 2+ months. I just do it because it’s very good store of value so far. I hope it becomes more mainstream and bigger. The technology behind it is sort of simple but extremely complicated. The environmental impact is large and it’s risky because of what it is. But I believe it will hit 1 mm in 10+ years a coin. I won’t touch my bitcoin until then or after. It’s a 100+ year investment but I won’t live that long. I’m hoping to make 100k+ on it when it hits 1mm+. It takes time and patience. I watch the price every day, but I defintiely believe I really do got psychic powers rofl.


I have some stock. I’m using the Stash app.


Facts life’s all about taking risks


Holy hell that’s huge.

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What career did you choose?

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Having information in advance is not possible in any sphere of life let alone trading. Think.

Nursing. And that was not a good fit for me.

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You’re caught up on textbook definitions without appreciation for the subtleties of the actual meaning behind the words, I study finance; insider trading is perfectly possible.

If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be cases of laws for it, or sentences due to it?

To answer your question though, I never said I wouldn’t do, day stock trading, because I actually would. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it is all luck unless you can get away with having access to information.

Thanks @SkinnyMe

My brother uses ETF, he says its less risky because it covers much more than one company.

Cant you inform the people who run the server about the account and have it verified somehow?

That’s a lot of cash to have access to without having access to…

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I don’t mean to offend you in anyway just stating the facts and so r u I agree.

But apart from the risk factor you can choose when to stop loss and other such factors… when u go into a stock and come out of it is your choice entirely. So you play it according to your knowledge. Not all is about luck and risk… there are other factors too.

There’s no one running the server, its practically all the ppl who have the bitcoin app running who are encrypting the bitcoin blockchain. No one owns bitcoin and neither the government controls it. Maybe I can get back my cash if it becomes regulated by the government.

I see, that makes sense.

That’s such bad luck. Hopefully something comes of it

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