Waiting Xbox series X

Life has no meaning. More games more fun

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Xbox beats playstation with their game pass and Microsoft buys bestheda and sega and games

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I would totally get a PS5 or Series X if I had a 4K TV.

Still pretty happy with PS4 and Switch.

Any games you have your eye on?

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No no games . I will try game pass games


I have switch but I don’t like controller

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Maybe I buy hori wireless controller

I am bored of those games. I mainly play StarCraft but need some other games when I cannot play StarCraft

You have the Switch lite right?

I have the standard version but the funny thing is that I only ever played it hand held style.

Hope you enjoy your new system.

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Nah I sold my lite have now normal hooked to tv

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Flight simulator 2020 on Xbox series X!

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Apparently the pre-order process for games is already reviewed as a nightmare. For some reason xbox consoles always f*** up their first week or two in promotions after their release. Lol

Did you get a console preordered yet @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro ? I got mine preordered from Best Buy, along with the 1TB memory card and a blue and white controller.

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