I got a xbox series x im so excited omg

Finally i got one omg, took so long but i got one omg im so excited.


Congratulations! Are they hard to get right now? I know at least the PS5 is impossible to get right now.


Yea so hard. 1515151

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Jealous. Happy for you too.

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How do Galaga and DigDug look on it?


That’s awesome

I’m wondering if I should try to get the ps5

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Oh dude! I click through here every so often… And that IS very exciting to see.

I check best buy about once a week… No luck so far.

Bought to break and just get a new radeon instead.

What are your impressions after finally owning the device? What games do you play?

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Yea im very excited, i still cant believe i got one, im going to play gow 5 and cod cold war optimize. waiting for halo infinite to come. Cant wait to play it. Dont worry you will get one soon enough. keep on checking.

yea ps5 is awesome, get what you like, i like xbox because it has halo thats all.

Dont worry everyone, just keep on checking the retailers website, they are always restocking. I just got very very lucky thats all. You will get one soon enough.