Is anyone following Starship development?

I always watch closely on any developments from SpaceX. Elon Musk talks about how he is going to colonize Mars with the money he makes from satellite launches. Apparently we are going to get a hop from the prototype in a couple of months. I know most people wont find that exciting, but I am fascinated by how people can hover a multi ton object and land it again a few km away. We might get orbital launches late this year / early 2021 too.


It’s sad how a lot of our money and energy is put into the military. With that money you could fund things like human flight to Mars. Our tech is a lot better but it is expensive and thus the problems.


Yeah but it kind of military related. Seems like the military is good with flying objects, if you catch my drift lol


I always follow it I want to go to a planet with no people because they bother me I always thought sz were really smart and one would come up with a warp drive to leave the solar system and go to the local group of solar systems I always do better without people around

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Can’t wait til the first spaceship with ppl to get to mars.

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