Is anybody on an antidepressant AND Abilify?

I can’t shake the feeling that everything is meaningless.

The problem is most antidepressants seem to interact with Abilify in some way.

But maybe an antidepressant wouldn’t even solve this issue.

Any experiences with antidepressants and Abilify?

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I take a max dose of 150 mg of nortriptyline a old tricyclic antidepressant

I am currently taking 7 mg of Abilify in my psychiatrist might raise it to 10 mg

I still have terrible problems with the negative symptoms

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I take 15 mg of mirtazapine, along with 15 mg aripiprazole and 100 mg of quetiapine. I am still depressed and apathetic feeling most days, but (thankfully) not despairingly gloomy. I hope that you will find what works for you!

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Im on 225mg venlafaxine with it

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Thanks for the replies @TreeTop @Superdry @Dude1


Antidepressants work. Not for everyone. They have numbing emotional effects. As well as sexual side effects. They are much like antipsychotics you probably have to trial a good few to find something that works. The subjective psychoactive effects are extremely mild so it can be hard to tell they are working. Personally I would use a combination of supplements and exercise first because of side effect profile. People say they don’t work but they definitely do.

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