Is anybody in california AND on disability?

Well i hear names thrown around ssip ssi and ssdi? What are they? Well i would like to sign up and im wondering if anyone in cali has experience with this? :v:

Ssi is social security income ssdi is social security disability income its for the disabled im not sure who gets approved for ssi but you need so many work credits for ssdi

My doctors not being cooperative and well she seems upset at me? But well does she need to play a large role in this? Also i might be able to work but i keep trying and failing. I havent been able to hold a full time job in 10 years. What would be my best option? I do feel disabled and well i can point to so many reasons why im very limited in my work abilities. Im just confused and am trying to figure this out.

Yes i dont have very many work credits becuase i keep trying to work and not being able too and it qll unravels after a few months

You can still apply if not ssdi you can probably get ssi

Yes well i have an interview later this month just for some money

Anything helps…i think my doctor thinks im bluffing about it being permanent disability or something which she has a point mainly i need a break and of course some steady income

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I work 16 hours a week and collect SSDI.

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That sounds like a great option. I am convinced that the only thing i can handle is part time and i need a way to supplement my income and due to the fact that my work capabilities are limited and i have a schizoaffective or schizophrenic or bi polar diagnosis which im not entirely clear on the current diagnosis but anyway i also have 17 5150 and cognitive limits and trouble with memory and decisions qnd due to the fact that i have tried and fqiled at many many jobs i feel like some sort of disability would be an appropriate fit for me. It makes sense i could handle two days a week and i shall ask about my options when i have my appointment soon.

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Maybe look for a company that hires disabled people. My company hires the disabled and veterans. Or look for an employment agency for the disabled or the mentally ill. It’s a little relief if your boss knows you are disabled going in. Incidentally, I work three days a week.

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Well i think alot of people dont realize that i am great in job interviews and i am smiling and laughing at 7 am and at 1045 an hour before work im suicidal and extremely stressed and quit. It happened 3 days ago. Im very peaceful and feel great since ive quit though.

Yea it might be a matter of finding a different type of job or so. Im 34 not that young but not old. If i live even 20 more years and die at 54 well i still have 20 years to enjoy myself figure out my finances and live a joyful qnd meaningful life.


20 years is forever well its interesting in that amount of time i could become an astronaught a zillionaire a congressman a famous movie star a low key desk clerk i could write 10 books if i write a book every other year…well it is a gift im feelin lucky! Im stoked!!

Well i could write like a brilliant song or something i could move to a town in mexico that carries the same name san francisco as my current city i could start a nonprofit well literally theres options. 20 years is forever! Im happy :innocent:

You could go to and look it up

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