Is Acetyl L Carnitine the best for cognition in schizophrenia?

I’m listing @anon93437440 because I remember that he is off antipsychotics but uses Acetyl L Carnitine.
Have you tried Acetyl L Carnitine?
How does it work on your brain if you have schizophrenia?
Is it a “miracle drug” that brings you to 100 percent cognition?

As a side note, I have N Acetyl L Tyrosine, does it make you fly?

Regards, Erez

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what do you mean, fly??? :confused:

definition of “fly”- cure sleep quality problems, brings you to 100 percent cognition( better than prodromal schizophrenia),
drastically improves your functioning.
Gets rid of voices, visual hallucintions and intrusive thoughts.
For those who need it, get rid of all cognitive, positive and negative symptoms.

If it did that, @Erez_Shmerling, everybody here would be on it.


Yes, but didn’t notice any difference. The only supplement that really helps with negative symptoms and cognition that I’ve found to date is sarcosine. Amazing stuff.

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have you tried L Theanine @velociraptor?

I think I might have?!? Starts to blur after a while. The REAL problem is that the supplement market is pretty much completely unregulated and it’s anyone’s guess if what you get in the bottle bears even a passing resemblance to what is advertised on the label.

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Something to keep in mind when using supplements…

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