Is 1.5 mg vraylar enough for psychosis?

Any experiences please

Nope. I think 4.5- 6mg should work.

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my psychiatrist sais 3 mg after a few days of 1.5 mg and my general practioner sais i should start with 1.5 mg and see… im on abilify 20 mg right now stable

I didn’t know you were on ability too. I’d go with your doctors advice. You have to slowly increase vraylar.

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I was on 1.5mg of Vraylar and it was not enough to control my psychosis.
I ended up going to the hospital involuntarily.

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Did you switch?

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I started on 1.5mg and quickly was increased to 3mg. At three my psychosis was not controlled and couldn’t sleep. I have found the necessary dose for me is 4.5 to 6mg. I prefer 4.5mg, but when my Psych Doc changed it to 6 I listened to her(didn’t feel to swift) I am currently on 4.5mg I have hardly any positives and the ones I have are manageable. There are some negatives but better than anything else I have ever been on.

Therapy has helped me with motivation and anhedonia is almost completely gone. If you do switch or already have I would recommend exercise for many reasons including negatives!

At least this is what works for me and I like Vraylar a lot! I understand some people react poorly to it but that does not include me and I have had many psychotic breaks, but none on Vraylar yet, :crossed_fingers:t2: and it has been a little over 3 years.

Good luck to anyone who try’s it. :peace_symbol:


Just took my first dose

It is good med. I hope it works well for you!
What is your target dose?

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Rite now im at 1.5 but next week 3mg. What does vraylar help you with?

how long till you noticed symptoms reducing? What were they? I have a mixture of all:^(

i was on invega sustenna and it made me worse… so im scared everytime i take one… im scared ill never get better…

my doctor started me on 3mg, then upped it to 4.5mg, then upped it to 6mg

How long did it take for effect for you?

took maybe a few weeks, helped my positive symptoms but also made me incredibly anxious and gave me insomnia

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Oh yeah thats right. I remembered you saying that. Im alreasy anxious oh dear

pacing helps me with anxiety…and I have a friend on vraylar whose anxiety went away after a few weeks

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It took a few weeks to a month or two to start working. I have taken Invega as well. I had hallucinations, delusions and many negatives including anhedonia(Invega made this much worse). (The anhedonia) I am also quite prone to depression.

The interesting thing for me is that I couldn’t sleep at all at first, it took maybe 1 and a half years. Then my body got enough used to it that I could finally nap.

For me it made me a little more anxious at first too, but I also have an anxiety disorder.

I would give it a chance to work, like a few months and work closely with your doctor so he/she can make the proper adjustments and maybe add other or adjust your current meds because of the Vraylar.

Did the Invega help your positive symptoms at all?

It should help all around as long as you respond to it and work hard to recover!

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no not switched its very expensive here in Belgium

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