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I wonder if it would be economically productive to ship hay to the western United States from eastern Oklahoma by train. I don’t even know if there are any cattle out there. I think Texas has a few cattle that sometimes are threatened by drought. Where I live there are these huge hay meadows that could produce a lot of forage for animals needing nutrition.


The west has plenty of cattle. But we also have the reservations here in the four corners. That’s where we get our hay from, at least. Still, I don’t know enough to say it would or wouldn’t be profitable.

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You guys are some agricultural geniuses I have no idea what ur talking about lol :joy:

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I think there are areas in Texas that need help when a drouth comes. With the drouth in the west there should be some farms that need hay brought to them. Railroad lines would be crucial. I doubt if a hay truck could take the punishment of hauling hay much more than short distances. It would be more economical to haul hay by railroad than by truck.

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